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    El Matador

    Matt please email me at jellosoul@homestead.com

    Unfortunamente amigos, El Matador is a bit indisposed for today and possibly tomorrow. I didn't get the prologue in its entirety, or I am unable to download it properly from my disinfo address. I'll be happy to post it on the site by Sunday though and until then, I look forward to all the creative juices that shall be flowing. For now, I think here is our best bet for communicating and posting the writings. At least for a couple of days. I am having difficulty with my net and am using a friends computer until it is running a bit nicer. Please don't let this deter us from the goal and everyone be thinking of what you can contribute to the tale. Hasta luego.

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    Matt Locke

    Re: Matt please email me at jellosoul@homestead.com

    I'll just post up the prologue here, and also send it to El Matador, so you all can begin.

    1431. The Dark Ages of Britain.
    A deep-voiced chanting resonated through the bowels of the castle. Its lord, Henry
    Alwain, if he could even have been called that, walked through the lower passageways,
    flanked by the few attendants that still served him. A heavy, dark hooded robe covered his
    otherwise naked body. Similar robes clad his attendants, as they neared the end of the
    hallway through which they travelled. At the end was a large set of doors-at first glance,
    Henry did not believe that a castle such as his could contain something like this-but it was
    not the only thing that he had found out about his castle upon his arrival. Two of his
    attendants shuffled forward and opened the doors slowly outward. Henry paused once
    more to stare at the sight as the attendants rejoined him at his side. It was one that could
    chill to the bone; as the doors, with mystic carvings on their inward sides, stayed
    extremely still, they seemed to invite him into the chamber. A dark invitation, Henry
    thought as he took one last look into the chamber. A voice at his ear broke his reverie:
    “We must hurry. The other lords are surely on their way. We don’t want to be
    late,” the servant whispered. Remaining silent, Henry nodded, and began again his slow
    shuffling towards the interior of the chamber. He heard the chanting grow louder as he
    went further into the chamber, and his attendants began chanting similarly. When he
    reached the center, marked by an altar, he shed his robe and stood before it. Resting on
    the altar was a daggar and a chalice. He reached for the dagger, but stopped himself when
    he heard a pounding on the doors above. His face still solemn, he raised his arms from his
    sides, as if he were beckoning for his servants to come to him. They joined him in a cryptic
    formation around him, and each of them shed their robes in turn. They all wore a blank
    expression, and kept it as they approached Henry before the altar. Four smaller daggers
    began to materialize before the larger one, and one by one, the servants approached the
    altar and took a dagger. The first held his wrist over the chalice and slit it, spilling his life
    into the large cup, and each of them followed him until all of them were nearly drained of
    their life. Henry, until then, had stood absolutely still. But now, he reached for the larger
    dagger, and without hesitation, he plunged it into his throat. His blood, too, ran down the
    blade of the dagger, and he positioned himself so that it would drip off of the handle and
    into the chalice. Far off, he could hear angry voices, and footsteps down the long corridor.
    When he felt his life fade before his eyes, he used his last ounce of strength to lift the
    chalice full of life to his lips, and begin to drink. Much of the blood spilled out of the hole
    through his throat, but a little made it past that, and that was enough. The wound flared,
    and Henry screamed in pain. He could feel a power running through him, and as the group
    of people that had broken into his castle reached the threshold of the chamber, he dropped
    to his knees and withdrew the dagger from his throat. A group of knights stormed into the
    castle, and lifted him up, so that he was eye to eye with his rival, Phillip.
    “What are you doing, that you renounce God and country here in this miserable
    little hell hole?”
    “I could ask the same of you and your castle of splendor.” Henry didn’t know
    where these words were coming from, but he had no hesitation in saying them. He agreed
    with them, but even if he didn’t, it was enough to gain him a steel-gloved slap across the
    face. Henry relished the pain, the sting, and the added taste of blood in his mouth.
    “Fool! At the very least, you’ll be executed for...for this!” and with this last word,
    he pointed to the blood all across the room, having collected in the mystic enscriptions
    carved in the stone of the floors and the wood of the doors.
    “I am only realizing what you could not. I’ve the same desire you have, but I was
    the first to do something about it. You, you fool, you think that you’ll live forever, but I
    know I will!” With this, he began laughing, a low, very disturbing laugh that unnerved one
    of the knights to the point that he drew his sword and stabbed Henry through the heart.
    The laughing stopped.
    In his last moments, Henry could only guess that something had gone wrong. He
    would not be living forever, but he would not be dying, either. He fell to the ground, his
    face eternally locked in a smile, as the last thing he saw was one of the guards, brandishing
    an axe, bring it down across his head.
    Then, darkness.

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Matt please email me at jellosoul@homestead.com

    YES INDEED!! This sets the tone.I'll start re-writing mine to follow this.U DA MAN MATT!Who's going next? I'll need a day to re-write.

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    Matt Locke

    Still Going?

    Are you all still interested? I'm fine either way, if you guys aren't, I'll just take the story and make it my own, but if you are, then let me know so I know what to do. I'll write the first chapter, if you want, introducing my character. Just let me know.

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    El Matador


    The novel is still a go. Sorry about my slowness in getting it posted. I've had problems due to a switch to AOL. It seems it will not work with my HOMESTEAD site. Don't worry however. I have my methods and will soon, VERY SOON, have it up and going. Matt I think you should get a chapter or two going unless someone else wants to write. Then, I can jump in or perhaps one of the others. I prefer to jump in around Chapter 4 because i want to get a feel for the tale. however, if needed, I can jump in earlier. I think Chris Cox should be the next to go though. I just like the way he thinks and would prefer to follow him if you all don't mind. The site will soon feature the necessary necessities and if I can I'll get it on there tonight. STAY LOOKING AND I WILL POST HERE A NEW TOPIC MESSAGE WHEN IT COMES OUT ON THE NEWSTANDS OF ELMATADOR!!!!!!


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