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    Chris Cox

    A Question of Ethics...

    I'm currently writing a fictional story, set in the now. The book is dark fantasy, and there's lot's of world changing and dramatic events going off, and I was thinking abouty tying it in with real life.
    What I mean is, for example, using real events from the news in my book, but offering different explanations as to their occurrences; like the recent flooding in England, the Genocide in Uganda or big train crashes etc. Would it be ethical/legal to use these real instances in my story, and perhaps blame the bad guy and a conspiracy for making it happen?
    I know it sounds kinda sick as real people died and stuff, but what about current affairs within politics; would this be OK to refer to, just to keep things semi-realistic?

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    El Matador

    Ethical is sometimes best represented in the written word


    Honestly, I like the fact that you're considering a lot of those instances in history. Especially the genocide in Uganda which is too often overlooked. My response is BY ALL MEANS parallel these instances, use them, and help shed a spotlight on them and the wrongs which they have represented. Every negative deserves to promote a positive and whatever method can be used to do it should. The Plague of the 14th century has been used in many ways good and bad - for example MONTY PYTHON even had a humorous take of it. Such a representation in any way, shape, or form would be only a showcase of your own creativity amigo. Let it flow and worry not about what the implications are. That is what El Matador has discovered to be the secret of writing.

    Best of luck amigo,

    El Matador

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    Matt Locke

    Re: Ethical is sometimes best represented in the written word

    I don't see anthing unethical about that at all-if I said that I did, I'd be a hypocrate. A story I wrote attributed many of the wonders of the world to something as simple as dreams, and although they aren't quite current events, they still are actual things. People do alternate reality stories all of the time. You seem to be an afficionado of horror, so tell me-do you know of the company called White Wolf publishing? One of their RPG's, Vampire: The Masquerade, takes place in what they call the World of Darkness-it is our world, but made infinetly darker by the presence of Vampires, werewolves, wraiths, etc. They also publish books, and the authors attribute many mass disasters to the presence of these creatures in our world. It's nothing big at all-and the only thing stopping you is if you don't feel it's right.

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Ethical is sometimes best represented in the written word

    Remember what you\'re writing----fiction! Don\'t use any real names or representations of real people in connection with the events that you use. For instance, don\'t use the Shah of IRAN because there really is one instead say something like the Emperor Czar so it represents a fictional individual.That should include descriptions too.

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