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Thread: Getting Info

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    Marianne Keesee

    Getting Info

    Last week there was a post about contacting professionals and getting info for novel. Just to follow up, I needed some info on a small town in SE Connecticut for a character I am creating. Needless to say, there was not much on the web. I did find a history teacher with a web site and I e-mailed him my query. He was wonderful and very helpful. I was thrilled to make this connection. My advice to you all is use the internet...write those e-mails. People out there are more than happy to help.

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    Travis Williams

    Re: Getting Info

    I agree with this. People out there have been extremely eager to respond to emails and they are willing to even read some of what you write. Especially those sites that encourage it. One of the nicest guys I've met so far is El Matador. His site http://elmatador.homestead.com has inspired me greatly and he's a helpful guy when you write about his hometown of Mexico City. Emailing is definitely the way to go to find out stuff!!!

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    Benjamin X. Wretlind

    Re: Getting Info

    Incidentally, if one source doesn't work, always have a backup. I told you in that post you mentioned above that sometimes you won't always get the answer you were looking for, especially if the subject matter you are researching can be considered "sensitive". I finally did find my answer (in the most unlikely of places) and have gone back to my original plot outline.

    So keep pushing when you don't get an answer the first time. You don't have to act like a rogue investigator for "20/20" or "60 Minutes". You just have to ask the right people the right question.

    Benjamin X. Wretlind

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