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    hey guys, check this out!

    hey, i got a really cool opportunity today. i thought i would get to play no part in my 8th grade graduation and i wrote a poem that my teacher wants me to read out loud at the cerimony.
    here it is
    The Time Has Come:
    So we’re here,
    Not far from the end,
    We’ve come this far,
    Come around the bend.
    Our dreams are here,
    Right by our side.
    Now the time has come
    For us to decide.
    What do we want?
    Are we ready for life?
    Will he be a husband?
    Will she be a wife?
    Now comes the trial,
    It changes our future.
    We must work hard,
    And keep our hearts sure.
    Only four years to go,
    And we’ll be on our own,
    For the time has come
    To face the unknown.
    We are no longer children,
    After this time,
    For it’s the end of the year,
    And the end of this rhyme.
    So as I step down,
    And have sealed the ties,
    I will thank all my teachers and say my good-byes.
    By Sheena “Silverowl” Bandy

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    Kevin Wilson

    Re: hey guys, check this out!

    Sheena, as an occasional substitute teacher in middle schools, I must say if more students had your attitude, the rest of us wouldn't worry so much about the future.

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    Bly Oxford

    Re: hey guys, check this out!

    This kid is thirteen, going on thirty-three. If anyone has time scroll back a few weeks and read some of Sheena's earlier postings. Now this is progress! Amazing.


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    Travis Williams

    Good job

    I enjoyed the poem and agree that it sounds like you're writing well beyond your years. keep up the good work!!!

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    please help me

    thanks yall ^_^
    now i need your help, there's a problem in the works of the graduation. it turns out that i may have my tounge thrush in for a little longer (as in till the end of the summer!) and i cant talk with it in. i want my friend Ashley to read it at the graduation, but my brother's friend matt thinks that since he's the valadictorian, he gets to read it. i dont like that idea, i think that we all should play some part in the cerimony. i dont know how i'm gonna call this one.
    please help

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    Kevin Wilson

    Re: please help me

    The valedictorian should be reading his own speech. You should be able to have your friend read in your place. Unfortunate that your tounge is thrush in.

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    Re: please help me

    thank you kevin,
    you've been a big help!

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: please help me

    That's Cool!

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