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Thread: Discipline

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    max tickner

    Re: Discipline

    Dear Chris Cox. Security guard - an idiot's job...Chris, you shouldn't give a damn what people think. If I can lecture you as 'an older man'... The only opinion that really counts is that which you hold of yourself. And the opinion that you hold is that you are a writer. The loneliest job on earth. In itself - an idiot's job...No one to chase you - no one to relieve you. And if you don't do the writing - it won't get done...
    My background is as a Gaelic speaking Scot. Born on the tiny Hebridean Island of Barra. I didn't learn to speak English until I was 12 - due to go to the mainland for secondary education.
    From school to five years in the Royal Navy and then back to the family business of deep sea trawlers. I spent the next 25 years fishing the Artic Circle. Permanent damp bedding and wet underwear. (Try pissing against a 100mph wind in temperatures 30 below freezing...) - now that's an idiot's job...
    Point is Chris a job is a job is a job. It pays the rent. But it's not the reason for your being. You are a writer. Know it. Feel it. And do it.
    You might like to try a side-road to 'independence'. I did. Turn your hand to romantic fiction. Mills and Boon/Harlequin have a web site which will give you decent background/style notes/etc.
    Simple stuff - but don't knock it. Half a dozen 'novelettes' and their royalties takes the pressure of a weekly wage off your shoulders.
    It's also an ideal way to learn the dicipline of the writing craft - and an ideal 'breaker' (something different) to the 'real' writing.
    I know. In my 25 years on 'the bridge' I got into the M&B habit. I'm now 'independent' enough (thanks to royalties) to concentrate on producing the 'Great Australian Novel' (We emigrated in 1990).
    Leave the 'great' work aside for a couple of years (dicipline again) and earn yourself a safety net.
    Unfortunately with that kind of security comes an even greater need for dicipline. It's easy to sit back in the sun and think...tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I'll begin the 'Definitive Novel'.
    Writing IS a job.
    Yours, Max

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    Re: Discipline

    Thanks for the reply Max!
    Thing is, you seem to have misunderstood; I love my job, because it lets me write. Therefore, I do view the writing as a job. I know this is a fairly screwy way of thinking, but it gets me through my life and it pays for my home. Anything else and I would have gone crazy with frustration.
    As for the M/B, how hard is it to get published with that stuff? I seriously doubt that I've got that kind of writing inside me; (but if it could, in time, turn writing into a career, then I might just try.) How long is a 'novellette'?
    I'm currently 65 000 words into my first book (prob about a third of the way through), I've done a few short stories and thats about it.
    Anyway, I really appreciate any advice. My genre is horror. Check out http://www.homestead.com/horrorshowcase.home.html
    (if anyone's interested, we're always looking for new writers!)
    Thanks again Max.

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    max tickner

    Re: Discipline

    dear chris (we can't keep on writing like this). M@B runs to 50 - 55,000 words. Best thing is check out the web site: www.romance.net.au (that's the Aussie address). They have full guidelines...and chris (I'm not acting as a salesman for the firm - but) they are an extremely helpful publishing group. Keep it simple.Remember their readers have paid a couple of dollars for an 'escape' from the 'kitchen sink'. No need for a Shakespeare or Dickens or a classic piece of literature. Just something nice and easy to read that allows the mind to wander for an hgour or two.
    get out your old floral frock and slip into the mode....It's a great escape even for us old sea-dogs with a couple of kids and a 'regular' marriage.
    I'm about to check out your web site.
    Any way I can help...don't be shy. Yours aye...max

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    charlie hoehnen

    Re: Discipline

    i write at night. my computer, in my bedroom, is always on. i get home later in the afternoon, depending on if i have class or not. three things might happen when i get home:

    1) i'll feel like @!#$, want to die, and then watch a movie. i live a few blocks from a blockbuster store, and i usually get 5 to 8 movies at a time.

    2) i'll feel like @!#$, want to die, and then play guitar. i have a practice amp in my bedroom as well, and i never put my guitar away. if my roommates are sleeping, i play my acoustic guitar. i never sing loudly because i *will* disturb someone. i may also make a mixtape, but a depressing one.

    3) i'll feel good, because i'm going to do something. activities in this category are: drinking, going to shows (music), making a mixtape (not depressing), or other random acts of poetry. i may also write.

    you can guess how much writing i do a year,

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Discipline

    Stewart Knight said it best, keep a notepad with you at ALL times .And whenever you get an idea jot it down, later you'll be surprised at how easy it will be to get past any "writers block" moments.

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