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    Jordan Walker

    In need of a literary agent

    Hi we just finished our novel and we're looking for a literary agent. Neither Dani or myself is sure that we need an agent or if we can't just go to the publishing house directly. From what I noticed we can't. I've gone to association of authories representive to find agents and here but that's it.
    You advice would really help us.

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    Re: In need of a literary agent

    A good on-line source for agent stuff--and query writing, too--is <http://www.agentquery.com> . Also, you can verify an agent's bona fides at <http://www.sfwa.org/for-authors/writer-beware/agents/> and <http://anotherealm.com/prededitors/> . Refer to each agent's website for submission instructions; they are not all the same.

    Query widely and simultaneously. Avoid exclusives.

    Don't pay anyone to represent, edit, or publish your work.

    Good luck.

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