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Thread: Writing contest

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    Tom Brown

    Writing contest

    As many of you know I wrote a book about dealing with the loss of a spouse from breast cancer. I have used that story to enter a writing contest that has a chance of becoming a movie. If you are interested I would appreciate support for this effort. You can help by voting for me. Voting ends April 15th. Go to www.chancehappens.com and then scroll down on the right and you will see Building a New Life Together. It will take you to another link with the title. Click on it to read the story and vote if you like on the yellow stars. Thanks.

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    Cammy Stevens

    Re: Writing contest

    I knew there was a reason I came back to this site after a year. I'm working on a new book and learning how to use outlines even in creative writing. Amazing the magic that happens in my mind when I organize!lol. Glad to hear of the contest and good luck. You have my vote.

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