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Thread: Help

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    Jamie Thrasher


    I need help getting started I really wanna write a book for kids but I dont even know where to start any ideas?

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    Keith .

    Re: Help

    "Once upon a time ..."

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    Sam English

    Re: Help

    Not to be fresh...'wanting' to be a writer of a book and 'writing' a book are two different things. A lot of people have a dreamy vision of being a 'writer'. The only way to be one is to write. The only way to 'get started ' is to write.
    Sit down and write it. That's how you start.
    Everything else -- agent getting, the publishing, the money, the adulation, the adoration -- if those are the things that "being a writer" is for you, (and those things usually ARE what "being a writer' is to those wanting to be one, but who have written nothing) comes MUCH later in the process.
    Just write.

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    Brent Diggins

    Re: Help

    I agree with Sam - but if you need a place to get organized, I recommend checking out thebookpatch.com. It is a free website that is extremely useful and has many tools and recourses for you to stay organized and keep you writing. Good luck!

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    mar quesa

    Re: Help


    There are lots of books available on bookshops on how to write a book from scratch. Also, you can try google "How to write children's/kid's books", and see what comes up.

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    John Hawkwood

    Re: Help

    Pretty much what Sam said. The only way to get started on writing a book is to start writing the book. Everything else comes after.

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    Victoria Hale

    Re: Help

    I always find it hard to get started. The best thing I find is to just get something written down. You can always correct it later but this helps spur you on. I find it easier to write about what I know, so in the case of a children's book, maybe I would write about pets for youunger children or draw on my own experiences for a book aimed at adolescents. Hope this is of some help.

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    Raven Nights

    Re: Help

    Hi Jamie,

    I'd like to ask a few questions first if I may.

    Have you already got an idea for the theme of the children’s story? Or is this something you'd like to do?

    If the latter, what is your motivation? Your own children? Illustrations you have done or seen others do? An old story your own Nana told you about?
    I guess I'm asking if you want to write and children’s books are your passion or if you think writing children’s books would be financially rewarding.

    Motivation is often the best way to decide if you are in the business of writing or in the business of trying to make money. If the latter, writing isn't the easiest way to make money, and children’s books are among the toughest areas to crack; along with short novella stories and poems.

    To help you along, Beatrix Potter was inspired by the fact she had a morbid fascination with dissecting little fury creatures. This started her into illustrations, more on the medical side and eventually to creating characters and then stories.

    The brothers Grim took old fables and turned them into stories. Basically they ran around collecting stories passed from generation to generation and actually put them down into a written format.

    Someone I was once dating thought about creating a set of characters; all eggs, to make a children’s cartoon series. Took him 10 yrs to sell the concept but he did get a TV cartoon show off the ground, sadly it wasn't as catchy as say the Wiggles, but it did get air-play - 10 yrs later.

    So, if you have an idea, create a scene and/or characters.
    If you can't think of a scene, then make up names to suit your MC's for the book, place them in an environment; their home, school, the local pool, are they sporty characters? What about a snow field or playing ice-hockey.
    Basically, as said above WRITE.

    It doesn't matter what it is just write.

    And if you are not really a writer but more an illustrator, draw/paint your characters. By drawing them you have to give them a backdrop. That backdrop IS the scene, then jot down the scene and fill in the blanks.

    Writing for children (under 12) id totally different to writing for adults.
    Take some children’s books out from the local library for the age-group you are aiming for and look at the writing style, the language, the flow..... And again JUST START.

    I want to be a highly paid super-model but unless I am prepared to eat 1 lettuce leaf a day and fill my cheeks with my butt fat, it aint going to happen.

    You have a better chance of writing a children’s book than I will EVER have of being a supermodel but you have to start....

    Good luck,

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    John Praw

    Re: Help

    I don't have much to add, but I like the advice Raven has given.

    And, " fill my cheeks with my butt fat" is a sentence I wouldn't expect to see on a writers' forum.

    It's always said that good writers are good readers, so I would think reading a ton of children's books would be a great idea.

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    Umar Daud

    Re: Help

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