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    S Allen

    length of magazine articles?

    Hi, I wish to submit some articles I have written to magazines. I am wondering if there is an expected approximate word count? The publications I am submitting to have not specified.


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: length of magazine articles?

    I'd check lengths of the articles being published in the specific magazines you are targeting then. You're not going to get a reliable ball park figure for unnamed magazines in an Internet query to a writing board.

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    Cathy C

    Re: length of magazine articles?

    Agreed. But that said, many of the popular culture magazines use similar size articles owing to page size and the size of camera-ready display ads by national companies:

    500 words (usually with one 75-100 word sidebar)
    1,000 words (usually with one 100 word, or two 50 word sidebars)
    1,500 words (usually with one 250 word and one 100 word sidebar)

    If you don't presently have sidebars in your articles, you'll probably want to develop some. "Sidebars" are 'articles within articles' that often appear in shaded boxes within the text of the article. An destination feature about vacationing in Florida, for example, might have one sidebar about the top 10 tourist attractions, and another about kid-friendly resorts. A how-to article about cabinetmaking might have a sidebar about specialist fine grain woods or different kinds of varnish. That sort of thing.

    Also, make sure you have at least one "expert" in your article that is similar in style or tone to the magazine's other features. In other words, READ issues of the magazine you want to query with an article idea.

    Good luck!

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