Greetz Andre,

"friend of mine, who's a nurse, would laugh until she cried becuase"

Another example of this is the original SCI.
They do DNA tests which come back same day, 6-12-24 hours. The reality is it takes about 3 weeks to get those results. So we go back to the original premise of fiction and that is the suspension of reality.
When the reader picks up a work of Fiction, first they must suspend their reality to gain maximum entertainment,
It is about being given a set of parameters and then working/living within those. I see your job as defining parameters ad then "sticking within them, to fail this they will laugh at you. Take the "communicators in the 60s Star Trek, they never used them for surface to surface comms, they used them for surface to ship comms.

So invent anything you like, define it and then use it consitantly. If you want it, you can have it.
Look at all spaceships, they all have artificial gravity, in that all people "walk around on the floor". Now there is no such thing, gravity is all about one huge mass, the earth, affecting small masses, as in humans. Just look at the Space Station, they have artificial air, but every thing floats thru lack of a suitably huge mass to cause them to "stick to the floor".
But that would put too much of a burden on filming, so they "flick the gravity switch".
It doesn't make any sense, but once the author tells you there is a gravity switch, we all just accept and run with all spaceships have artificial gravity.

Fiction is Fiction but be consitent.
Terminator movies, they port thru time, but always arrive buck naked. This is not just so they have a naked Arnie scene, but not allowing material things thru, they prevent them bringing ultra flash weapons thru. That doesn't speak to the mechanical natire of terminatorsm the original ones at that, but it is a nice plausible failure so the Term doesn't arrive with a weapon with the "I win" button.

Andre, just wanted t show you how massive things are possible and accepted, but limiting something your readers would be uncomfortable with, they hate those "I win buttons".