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    Nicole Woolsey

    Re: E-book survey

    Wow, ok. Geez,
    Well, for your FYI i did send an e-mail to ask for dorrance to send my book back and the same rep from before said that they send me my book back.
    Thanks for all your advice, even if some of it was critical.

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    D.C. Eastman

    Re: E-book survey

    They email me all the time, touting their books and satisfied authors, and encouraging me to publish with them. They haven't even realized yet, or researched, that I am an agent.

    For the money they're charging you, print the book yourself. It'll be cheaper, but you'll have to do all the promotion for it, because YOU are the publisher and must act like one.

    Then, again, it also doesn't cost much to shop around a children's book. There are plenty of publishers who accept un-agented material and the mailing costs are minimal. Exclude illustrations unless the publisher asks for them. Some smaller publishers will accept professional art that isn't their own.

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    Daniel Kopf

    Re: E-book survey

    Dorrance is a subsidy publisher, which they state plainly and do not hide. The service they offer is that of helping authors publish their work. They charge for their service of taking you through the entire process, from technical editing through printing, publicizing, distributing and getting reviews for your work. In other words, all those daunting things that unpublished authors need done but don't know how to do. For that service, a subsidy publisher takes roughly 80 per cent of net. As in self-publishing (which is really what you're doing) the author pays the entire cost of publication. That's the money they are asking for. It's not a scam, but an option for authors who want to self-publish but don't want to go it alone. And, yes, it's a bit expensive.

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