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    Nicole Woolsey

    Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??

    I just submitted my children's book that i also illistrated as well. They seem very intrested in publishing it. But in the letter that they sent me it says that the publishing fee is between $6,000 and $10,000 thousand dollars. Me and my husband have credit cards to pay and wev'e had countless fights about how we couldn't be able to afford to have children if we pay off that fee. The letter that i got also said it depends on how long my book is and what's on it. My family members think it's a scam and they think that a publishing company would only take the percentage of my profits. They think Dorrance is a scam. But i have made lots of contacts with Dorrance agents, and the recent one i left a message with about my financal situation and how i wouldn't be able to pay the fee off because me and my husband are looking to have children next year. I did get a response back from a representive from Dorrance saying that they will put my contract together so i can see how much the publishing fee really is.

    So i guess what i'm really asking is, is Dorrance publishing a good company or is it just a scam? Plus, do all publishing companies really charge that much of a publishing fee or do they only take your percentage fee?? Enquiring minds would really love to know..(Pun, on words..lol)

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??

    Dorrance is a vanity press. Their only interest is in your money. Read the link below. The 7th post is when the discussion turns to Dorrance.


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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??


    No reputable publisher charges you a fee to publish your work. The publisher pays you, not the other way around. Depending on the type of book, you may be paid an advance plus royalties (a percentage of the profits) or just royalties.

    You really need to do some research BEFORE you start submitting, or you will end up getting scammed.

    Is this a picture book? Traditional publishers usually contract the art work out to artists they like to work with. Unless you're a professional artist, they have no interest in seeing your illustrations. That means the text must be very visual. Picture books also have a proscribed length and submission format.

    And not to be cruel, but your post is filled with grammatical and spelling errors. These are things you need to fix in your manuscript before you submit it.

    Some places to start your research:

    Check out scams here:

    And yes, Dorrance is a scam.

    Please, please do your homework. This is a tough business, and there are a lot of rip-off artists out there. Good luck to you.


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    larry moses

    Re: Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??

    Gosh, that a lot of money to give to Dorrance and you might not even make that much from book sales. If you're going to self-publish, go to Authorhouse or one of the much less expensive PODers.

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    Nicole Woolsey

    Re: Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??

    Great, that's just wonderful. So do i wait, until after i get my contract to get my book back or do i get it back now? Oh and, if my grammar and spelling was off the last time i wrote that's because i was writting so late and i was really exhasted from my previous day.

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    larry moses

    Re: Is Dorrance Publishing a good company??

    Do not sign any contract with them. Tell them that you've changed your mind about publishing the book and search for another publisher. Avoid the Vanity Presses. $6,000 to $10,000! I'd rather not publish than pay that amount of money. They should have been out of business by now. Make sure your work is copyrighted.

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    Kevin Mc

    E-book survey

    This is a survey to determine how many people would be interested in my product – I am planning on writing a story and selling it chapter by chapter on the website I am going to make. It will be a book that you can buy online, each chapter of it will be 2-3 pages long. The following survey will give me an idea of whether or not my venture will be successful. Please fill this survey out, if you are not comfortable filling certain parts of the survey, then don’t.

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    7. If you have, would you buy one again?
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    Gravity Fades

    Re: E-book survey

    What the heck does that have to do with Dorrance? Never mind. Only a spambot can be that dim.

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    C.F. Jackson

    Re: E-book survey


    I remember when they contacted
    me years ago. I was so excited
    to have a publisher want to
    publish my work.

    So it seems,they located me via
    the Library of Congress because
    I copyright all of my work.

    And as I spoke with the rep
    she informed me of a payment
    plan. That ended it for me.

    Nicole, you can create your very
    own small printing press for a
    third of what they are asking
    for. And that's the step it took.

    Please remember this! A publisher
    doesn't ask for your money to
    print your book. Well, not the
    one many of us as authors have
    dreamt about. ;o)

    They still call me today wanting
    to publish my works, because they
    may be still using the Library of
    Congress as their lead generator.

    Continue to make it happen!

    Won't Be Denied,
    C.F. Jackson

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    Paul Harris

    Re: E-book survey

    Both of your posts contain a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. If that is also true of your book then they're sitting around waiting to see how big a sucker you really are. If you step in a pile of horse manure do you need to ask someone if your foot stinks? You're being ripped off and you know it. Move on.

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