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    L C

    Re: Short Story Contest

    << Ok, then copyright those two innovative words, which are ofcourse not firetruck, and keep shove them safely inside your a.. and then maybe your friend Nan can help you push it deeper with his d..." >>

    This must be how Indian porn reads. lol

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    Huned Contractor

    Re: Short Story Contest

    About the Short Story Contest

    Announcing Inner Voices: sorry it took us some time to come back and announce the book on writers.net. Thanks for your contribution.


    It is also available on amazon.com.

    Now, Mirage Books announces a contest for script writers
    After the successful launch of the book ‘Inner Voices’ – which provided a platform for many talented writers to showcase their work – Mirage Books is pleased to announce a contest for script writers.
    Write script for a short film, of fifteen pages or so, in any of these three genres, suspense, romance and comedy and send it to submitmanuscript@gmail.com or miragebooks@gmail.com, along with a 300 words synopsis of the story. We will choose amongst the best entries and publish your work in our next book. We will be sending the book to top 25 directors of Bollywood and promote it in media also. Please let other script-writers know about the contest by posting this message on as many forums as possible..
    Website: www.miragebooks.com
    Email: submitmanuscript@gmail.com

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