Hello, fellow writers!
Check out my novel, The Domino Effect! It's been selling really well right out of the gate. I've sold nearly 100 copies without having even been listed on LuLu's site for much more than a month. I also offer my book as a free download.

You can find my novel, The Domino Effect, here:

You can see an even better picture of the cover on my (under construction) site: http://www.chadclegg.com

What's more, you can see my ranking on their site:


[If you'll notice, most of the books on this list aren't even novels, but more so along the lines of 'do-it-yourself' or 'self-help' books. That should say something, right?]

For those of you who don't already know, LULU.com is, by far, the most popular/respected Print-on-Demand site on the net today. Alexa.com ranks them as the 3,662nd site on the entire internet in regards to traffic today. See for yourself!


You may be asking why I didn't go the traditional route of querying literary agents! Well, the truth is...I did -- briefly, but was told on more than one occasion that my book may be a little too controversial; thus, I decided to do it on my own. Hopefully, I'll drum-up enough business, and agents will have to take notice. Or better yet, a publishing house may even get wind of its success. Anyone who knows anything about POD books already knows that 500 sold copies is considered a best seller. So I'm well on my way!

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Thanks for your support!


Never give up on your dream!