hi all,

i'm new here, but i thought i'd give this a shot.
a friend and i just finished writing a murder mystery with a twist we wanted to get some feedback, so i was wondering if anyone would check it out. the first part is called The Businessman and you can find the link on scribd here

http://www.scribd.com/doc/4555397/The-Businessman .

the idea is that each person reads a part, and then everyone comes together and shares the dirt they have on other people while trying their best to hide the information that makes them seem culpable. at the end, everyone votes on who they committed the murder. there is only one right answer, and it is completely solvable with the information given.

Warning-- it is really raunchy!

for anyone who doesn't like scribd, if you would like me to post the text into the forum, i can do that too!