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Thread: Looking to Feed

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    Joseph Noel Cantu

    Looking to Feed

    Perhaps it's because I'm new to the site, or perhaps I'm just simple, but where is this "writing craft' section (as mentioned by Ce Ce) where I might put up some of my work for a little feedback?
    Im 35 and have been writing for about two decades but have always done it simply for myself. Im now eager to try to make a career (1/2 career. 1/4 career) of writing and am eager to feed off the expertise of the fine folks at WritersNet.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Looking to Feed

    This note is in for Unpublished Writers; you'll see that heading above the threads in this section.

    If you'll go back to the main page of the forums, you'll see them listed. Writing Craft is the last one.

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