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    Alex Ritts

    Looking For a Biographer/Writer URGENT


    I am looking for a Biographer/writer to rewrite a biography in English for a French Artist. She needs it for her press/promo kit and more generally for her promotion in USA.

    It is URGENT: deadline on Monday. So if you are interested, thank you to contact me as soon as possible by Msn: axelledemo@hotmail.com



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    Gravity Fades

    Re: Looking For a Biographer/Writer URGENT

    Translate an entire book by Monday...?

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Looking For a Biographer/Writer URGENT

    I'm guessing he wants someone to translate a short bio -- the type one would include in a press kit, or on a book jacket.

    Since I don't speak French, I can't help, sorry.

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