Unlike most of the others, I liked your beginning. Some re-wording might help, imo, but I liked the essence of it. It stops and makes a person think, and it also gives a great summary of the story. Door Number Two--who can't relate to that? I like the spirit of your query, and I think that you need to hold on to that spirit when you do your re-write, because it makes you stand out. Keep out most of the personal stuff, except where it applies to your experience regarding your novel. You also need to look out for some grammatical errors.For example, I think you meant 'Is it....' instead of 'It is....' in the first paragraph. Look out for run-on sentences in paragraph three. I wouldn't worry about using the genre 'chick-lit'. If that's what gets you in the door, go for it! Good luck.

--Cara K