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    Re: Synopsis Troubles... Eek!

    I do a one page and a two page. Anything more than that, and you're talking too much.

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    Jay Elwood Seymour

    Re: Synopsis Troubles... Eek!

    I suppose the more you work at it, the more you learn. :-)

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    larry moses

    Re: Synopsis Troubles... Eek!

    Cripes!! I can never get the synopsis part right. I do not know what to dangle in front of the lit. agents or publishers noses. What to put in and what to leave out. You do not want to give away the whole enchillada, yet you want to grab their attention. I wish that I didn't love to write so much.

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    Elena Solodow

    Re: Synopsis Troubles... Eek!

    The point of the synopsis IS to give away "the whole enchilada". It's a synopsis of the entire book so that the agent can see whether or not you've got a grip on your story.

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    Cara K

    Re: Synopsis Troubles... Eek!

    Good job, Jay! I hate to write a synopsis, too. I recently read that some people hate the synopsis so much, they refuse to query an agent who requests one (I wouldn't go that far, lol).

    Sail Away--
    No chocolate? You have my sympathy.

    --Cara K

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