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Thread: overwhelmed

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    d. Leroy

    Re: overwhelmed

    Just don't get in a hurry, do your research, take your time.

    The odds are not in your favor, so diligence is key. It all starts with writing a good book.

    Good luck,

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    Michael Raymond

    Re: overwhelmed


    Lulu charges nothing to publish a book and/or ebook version. They do not edit but do have a format wizard to take care of margins and size. They print what you send, however, and you would be surprised.

    They have excellent online help for all the little things that come up.

    I have spent several hundred dollars with them, but it was to purchase copies at a reasonable print cost. My book is 213 pages and costs $8.79 plus shipping. They let you set the price yourself and take 20% of that for fees.

    They do one book or many, but are really not set up to do large orders. I am happy with them for now.

    I just wanted to see my project finished and in my hand.

    Other POD systems charge you hundreds of dollars up front and then 'let' you have 5-10 free books. You then pay for books and shipping, but I don't know about singles.

    I have sent single copies out to friends and relatives directly, at my cost price.
    I'm beginning to sound like a salesman, NOT.
    Good luck

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