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    Ron Allen

    Bio -- now what?

    I sent a query letter and synopsis to an agent (one of many many many) and got a fairly quick response back, asking for an author's bio. No manuscript, no sample chapters, just the bio, which I thought was a bit odd but I've given up trying to decipher what agents want or why. So I sent a bio off (one week ago)and I've heard nothing back. I assume there's at least some interest in the book, or why ask for the bio? Now what? Do I keep waiting? Do I bug them now or wait, and if I wait then how long do I wait before I bug them? Anybody have any feedback on this issue?

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    Tom Brown

    Re: Bio -- now what?

    Did youi check out the agent on P&E before you sent the material?

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Bio -- now what?

    The agent might be trying to assess whether or not you have a suitable platform to help market the book. For example: Do you have a built-in audience? Does your work or educational background establish you as an expert in your book's field?

    That's my guess anyway. And I'm stickin' to it. (Until somebody comes up with a better one.)

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