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    Punky Fish

    Waiting time for requested material

    After a very, very long road of submitting partials to agents and publishers alike, one publisher has asked to see the remainder of my manuscript.

    As can be expected, I'm trying not to get too excited, but it's so different from the rejections that I think I should be allowed a slight yipee!

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of time frame I will be looking at now? They've asked me to write Requested Materials on the envelope, which tells me it will bypass the slush pile. I was thinking about a further two months, is that accurate?

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Waiting time for requested material

    That's probably a decent ballpark estimate. Publishing works at glacial speed. (Until they request re-writes - then they give you about a half-hour.)

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    L C

    Re: Waiting time for requested material

    My experience is that when a publisher is interested, I hear back a week after submitting materials.

    Later than a week ...I don't hear back at all.

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    nancy drew

    Re: Waiting time for requested material

    Sorry Punky -- can give you no advice here as I've not yet finished my ms.

    But just wanted to say ... congratulations!

    You must show promise if a publisher's responding!

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    Diane Goss

    Re: Waiting time for requested material

    Dear Punky,

    What exactly is a very, very long time? If you could share your steps and time lines of this process I would sure appreciate it.

    And you are RIGHT....YOU DO DESERVE A YIPPEE!!!

    Thanks and good luck.


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    Punky Fish

    Re: Waiting time for requested material

    Hi Diane,

    A very, very long time -- well, at best recollection I have been writing the novel for about three years. And then partials have been 'out there' for almost a year now. I had one agent offer me representation but then wanted up front admin costs, and now this publisher. One thing i did do before I sent it out was get my ms professionally edited, and that was a HUGE help. I do get a lot of positve feedback - but this has been the only nibble. it's really, really hard, and many times I've thought of throwing in the towel and go the self-publishing route. But it just seems like a lot of work and I really don't have the time or money. And if I went POD then I would have to set the price of the book higher than what I think is reasonable.... So I'll stick it out with the traditional publishers for a while longer...

    Good Luck!

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