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    Donatellia Austin

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Don't worry. Everyone is right. Age doesn't matter in writing. The writing is what counts.
    You are blessed with God's power, kay? Just keep on writing keep on writing! I thought is about being a kid or teenager is you keep thinking of things that logic puts down.I'm 10+2.

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    M. Elaine Matthews

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Hi, Celena:

    It's always encouraging to see new writers emerge, and if you're only thirteen years old, you're getting a great early start!

    If your writing shows quality, whether fiction or non-fiction, then certainly, people WILL take you seriously.

    Don't be discouraged if some don't. If you're going to use an agent, make sure it is one who specializes in your type of theme, and doesn't charge you for reading the manuscript.

    I wish you the very best.


    M. Elaine Matthews

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    Aaron Brown

    Re: Take me seriously?


    So here's the thing. If/when you send a proposal or the entire manuscript to an agent/publisher, they aren't going to know how old you are (unless you tell them, of course). Let the writing speak for itself. If they want to buy it, it's not as if they are going to change their mind when they see how young you are.

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