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    Celina Reynes

    Take me seriously?

    I feel very out-of-place here but I figured, why not?

    I'm writing a novel about a girl named Sophi whose life changes when she enters the world of Springs. She can't remember anything of her past, and suddenly her life is intertwined with "outsiders" just like her. With the government watching her every move, she has to escape before her presence in this world endangers everyone she holds dear- the adopted family that is determined to keep her, and her dark secret, safe.

    The writing process is going great, I guess. I have close to three chapters, and it's growing. My teachers think it's great, my friends and family think its amazing. So here is my question:

    I'm 13, so, in your opinion of this business, is ANYONE out there going to take me seriously?

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    Re: Take me seriously?

    Good writing trumps everything.

    Press on.

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: Take me seriously?

    What Jayce said,

    True dat.

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    Smiling Curmudgeon

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Yup, as to jayce and Gravity.

    What the hell, even if you don't publish your first tale, working on the craft is everything. Writing's a tough gig. Earlier you begin, the better.

    Take writing classes if you have the opportunity.

    I'd offer lotsa other suggestions, but at thirteen you need to reserve time to chase girls, rob a couple banks, explore the last portion of the Amazon. (I'm talkin' about the river fa' crissake, not the legendary female Amazon warriors.)

    Thazz a long way of saying you've got plenty of life ahead of you. Enjoy all of it. Everything that happens will make you a better writer.

    Keep writing, ya' hear!


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    Heba Jahama

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Don't worry about it. I'm fourteen, I live in the Middle East, and when I first started, I had the same thoughts on my mind. I now have a completed draft of my first novel, an outline for my second and lots of ideas. I certainly hope to be published, and from what I've learnt on this website, it's the writing that matters (a huge thanks to Cathy Clamp for leading me here.)

    Write for yourself at first, then worry about everyone else. Persevere, and always keep your chin up and have eyes peeled for scammers. Don't think of your age as an obstacle, but as a stepping stone. It's great that you've found your dream so early on.

    I wish you all the luck with your novel, and here's my e-mail if you ever need any help.


    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    April Hamilton

    Re: Take me seriously?

    If the writing is good, your age may actually play to your advantage with publishers. You probably already know this, but since no one else has mentioned it...Christopher Paolini began writing seriously at about your age, and I believe his parents got his novel, Eragon, published when he was 15. Granted, the book was originally self-published (and I'm not criticizing that in any way, being an indie author myself), but was subsequently picked up by a major house. And even though critics of the Eldest series say the writing is simplistic and the plots are derivative, none of that criticism has stopped him from becoming a bestselling author.

    Prospective publishers may view your youth as a gimmick that can help build buzz around you (i.e., 'the next Paolini'). Which isn't to say that your writing alone shouldn't be enough to sell books, just that nowadays publishers like to buy manuscripts they're pretty certain they can easily market.

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Celina, your post is clear, articulate, and well-written. And rather astonishing for your age.

    I say keep writing. Don't worry about your age, just keep writing. Finish what you're doing. Learn to edit your own work. Get beta readers to tell you how they feel about it. Revise like crazy.

    And then go on to the next story.

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    Daniele Moskal

    Re: Take me seriously?

    My dear friend,

    God has given you the ability to write, and it's His precious, special gift given to you for a purpose - don't waste it, okay!

    Age has nothing to do with a blessed gift or talent. Carry on writing, okay!

    God bless you real good, and I pray you'll find that publisher or publish it yourself!!!

    Love from JOHN 3-34 Evangelist Daniele xxx

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    Si D

    Re: Take me seriously?

    Celina - I think you have an excellent chance of being taken seriously. There are lots of young people who have accomplished amazing things. For authors, SE Hinton always comes to mind.

    Just a suggestion - don't force things to go too quickly. Write, rewrite, revise, revise, revise... Then edit. Continue to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Most of all - have fun with it! Good luck.

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    A.L. Sirois

    Re: Take me seriously?


    You writer better than I did at your age. Persevere, keep reading, and keep your eyes on the prize, as they say. Samuel R. Delany published his forst book at 19. The author of ERAGON< no matter what you may think of the book, was even younger.

    Take yourself seriously, and others will take <u>you</u> seriously.

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