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    Cathy C

    Re: copyright restrictions

    Heck, that's a simple matter to solve, Morris. Referring to popular culture is fine. A simple sentence from the character's point of view, like:

    "There. It was done. A perfect replica of a bat'tleH from his favorite Star Trek episode. But he hated the spitting of the letters when he said the word, so he always just called it his blade."

    Poof. The reader identifies the weapon with a known quantity and thereafter, it's merely called a blade.

    As for getting the agent first, you'll probably be better off getting the permissions first. An awful lot of agents cringe at "tie-in novels" whether movie, television or game. There are multiple people involved in the process---from the company that produced it, to the creative director to the coders who produced it. In the early companies, many of them had stakes in the company and their names on the copyrights. If you approach an agent with some legwork on your part, from getting a copy of the trademark/copyright information from the Library of Congress, an initial introduction letter to the home office and such, you'll be much further off. Otherwise, you'll probably get a polite letter (even if the story is brilliant and thrilling) saying, "When you write an original story, let us know."

    Been there, done that. The tie-in (X-Files) remains on my shelf to this day.

    But with the beginnings of permission, you might get someone willing to wrap up the loose ends and take it on. Just my .02---

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    Cathy C

    Re: copyright restrictions

    Oh, and as for using deceased real people in the book, make sure you go up and look at my answer in the "Famous Heroine" thread above this one in the index.

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    Morris Graham

    Re: copyright restrictions

    Hmmm, I think that all other things considered, I may also have trouble with the likeness and image part. Well, it will water down the effectiveness of trying to tie things to some realities, but I may have to rename some characters.


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