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What is WritersNet(sm)?

WritersNet(sm) is a World Wide Web site in progress that helps build relationships between writers, publishers, editors, and literary agents. WritersNet(sm) currently consists of five sections:

WritersNet is valuable to writers, publishers, editors and literary agents. It gives writers, both published and unpublished, a chance to get writing assignments from publishers and editors looking for writers. It also provides an opportunity for writers to be represented by literary agents looking for new talent to represent, and the chance to form friendships and alliances with other writers.

There are no strings attached - listing is completely free and non-obligational - the only condition being, that if you are a literary agent and your agency requires fees, you must explicitly state that in your description of services. Those that knowingly omit such a statement, if applicable, are promptly removed from the Directory.

Please Note: WritersNet is a work in progress and we are constantly updating and improving aspects of the site.

Writers of the World, Unite! - The WritersNet Story

WritersNet(sm) was born in 1994 after NetConcepts Director Stephan Spencer saw the cover of the November 1994 issue of Writer's Digest: "Get Writing Assignments Online." Intrigued, he read the article. It was about how writers can make connections with publishers and editors in online forums on CompuServe and other online services. Stephan was skeptical -- how would an editor or publisher find the time to chat real-time with writers of unknown caliber on CompuServe?

A better way, he figured, would be to have a database that would help the publisher or editor qualify that writer quickly and easily before making the contact through the Internet. So by the end of December 1994, WritersNet(sm) was online and announced on various writing-related discussion groups.

He hopes to make this Directory an important, comprehensive matchmaking resource for writers, editors, publishers, and literary agents on the Internet, and a cooperative effort among writers. Soon WritersNet(sm) will also offer listings of writing assignments.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Stephan But Were Afraid to Ask

Stephan initially created the site because, as the husband of a writer, he can appreciate the difficulties that come with a career in writing - the difficulty breaking in to the field, the difficulty making money from writing, the difficulty in making the connections. His hope is that WritersNet(sm) will help with these issues by facilitating relationships between: writer and publisher, writer and editor, writer and agent, and writer and writer. The Internet is the best way he can think of to accomplish such a goal.

He has a server already on the Internet so there is no additional cost for him to have this Directory residing on the server. The real cost for Stephan is in his time -- in upkeep and development of new features.

Stephan's background encompasses science, technology and the arts. He set up the internationally recognized WWW Server for Virology , a teaching and research resource for the study of viruses while he was in a graduate program in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He now has a Master's degree and is pursuing a career in the area of Web Site Design. Mostly he consults for companies that wish to get on the Internet. He has presented papers at international symposia such as the Second International World Wide Web Conference.

Stephan's hope is that the writing community will continue to grow through WritersNet, and encourages all writers, publishers, editors and literary agents to list on the site. The only way to get listed on WritersNet is by filling out the online entry form available by selecting the "Add Entry" option from the WritersNet(sm) Home Page.

Read more about Stephan here.

Things You Just Might Need to Know

  • Please read carefully the Guidelines for Inclusion in WritersNet(sm) before filling out the form. Be sure to assign your entry a password (i.e. make one up!) and write it down. This is extremely important: if you do not assign a password to your entry, then you will not be able to make changes to it online.
  • After submitting the completed online entry form, your entry will become immediately available online. It will be your responsibility to keep your entry up-to-date. This would mean periodically checking the accuracy of the entry in WritersNet(sm) and making appropriate changes using the online Edit Entry option. You are more than welcome to include a URL in your biographical statement.
  • It's quite easy to edit or change your entry once you have submitted it. Just select the "Edit Entry" option from the WritersNet(sm) Home Page. Then pick your name from the list. A fill-in form page will then appear with all your previous information in the blanks. Change what you need to, be sure to type in your password (which you assigned yourself when you first added your entry to WritersNet), then click on the Submit button.
  • If you forgot your password, email sspencer@writers.net with your name and what you think the password was. If you didn't give a password when you first submitted your entry, also email sspencer@writers.net with your name and a good excuse why you didn't follow directions the first time ;-)
  • SM stands for Service mark, just as TM stands for Trademark. A service mark is very similar to a trademark, except that the mark refers to a service instead of a product. So by placing an SM next to WritersNet, NetConcepts gives notice that WritersNet is a legally protected service mark that belongs to us.
  • Listing in WritersNet(sm) does not constitute endorsement of the writer or agent. We at NetConcepts do not have the time or the resources to verify the validity of each entry or review qualifications. However, if you discover an entry that you believe is inaccurate, misrepresentative, or unprofessional, please let us know.
  • WritersNet(sm) (The Internet Directory of Published Writers) has been mentioned in the April 1995 issue of Writer's Digest and a number of newsletters, including Locus. If there are others that I've missed, please email Stephan and let him know! Thanks!

We need YOU!

Currently, WritersNet needs sponsorship and publicity. To us, sponsoring means making a contribution -- a contribution to this site, and to the Internet community. It connotes an interactive, mutually beneficial relationship. So money, although important, is not the goal. It's partnering with a few select companies and/or associations that share the vision of WritersNet(sm) and want to do what they can to get the word out and make it the best it can be. Please contact Stephan if your company or association is interested in sponsoring WritersNet(sm).

Contact me at sspencer@writers.net!

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