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Zarra Rahym


Zarrahym Translating & Editing Services

Editor type: proofreader

Kota Bharu Malaysia


Home page: http://myenglishtalk.blogspot.com

I'm a freelance editor,translator and also an active writer for blogs. I have wide experience in the teaching of English language where I have been teaching the language for over 20 years. Throughout my career I used to edit and rectify students' multiple errors in writing especially in regards to grammar, spelling,word choices and sentence structure. Now, I'm very passionate in providing freelance service as editor and proofreader especially to university students who ask for my service to edit their masters and phd dissertation. I have proofread and edited many of those kinds in multiple genres/fields ranging from mathematics, engineering to social science. Besides, I am also an active blogger at my blog: http://myenglishtalk.blogspot.com, a blog which I share tips and ways to teach and learn English efficiently. Feel free to visit my blog and enjoy the excitement of fun and easy English.