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Susmita Chakraborty


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I am a Native Bengali and Hindi speaker.I know some people want to learn as they want to learn new languages and some want it because they are grown up in different countries but they want to communicate to their relatives in India and the last category is of travelers they need it to communicate with the local people or Indian friends. So whatever would be your reason to learn this sweet and easy language, you are WELCOME Here to LEARN BENGALI/HINDI . I introduce ALPHABETS,Common phrases,Basic Grammar,Indian CULTURE and I help to construct sentences to COMMUNICATE.I use both face to face and online.If you are coming Kolkata ,you can learn at my home . I always modify my lessons according to the student's need,so you will learn what you really needed.That is why students improve fast with this kind of help. I teach through Skye voice chat.and share my screen to show my document, if you are willing to learn the script then I will be using a virtual class room where we can share a white board on our own computers and use the screen for writing or for sharing ppt,those I would make.I don't share video and it decreases the speed,and so the voice quality of the call. I am doing these job for years,teaching people to read ,write and speak Bengali,So I know the difficulties also.But this is always a challenge for me to teach it,and I become happy when I see the student is improving and communicating in my language.