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Silver Wishbone Editing



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Halifax, 58, Canada

I am a professional book editor who has worked in the editorial departments of several prominent Canadian publishing houses. I currently work full-time as an editor at a well-known trade book publisher. I know the industry, and I know what editors are looking for in a manuscript. Every day, I read book submissions from writers who haven't properly prepared their manuscript proposals, and have submitted their work blindly with no idea of what we as editors are looking for. I've decided to spend a bit of my free time working with authors to teach them what they can expect during the submissions process, and how to effectively prepare their manuscript for submission to a trade publishing house. I am offering to help you prepare your completed book manuscript for submission to publishing houses. I will read your manuscript and provide you with a detailed critique of it, giving you suggestions on how to polish it in preparation for submission. This is not a traditional "editing" service that corrects spelling and grammar (i.e. copyediting). Trade publishers will hire a copyeditor to do this once your book has been accepted for publication; it is not a necessary condition for acceptance of your manuscript. The service I am offering deals with the "bigger picture" of your manuscript (developmental editing), and involves things like pacing, characterization, plot development, etc. Along with critiquing your manuscript, I will also help you decide which publishers would be appropriate fits for your work, and give you advice on how to prepare your proposal package. I am currently accepting children's picture book, YA fiction and nonfiction, and adult fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for review. However, I will only agree to work with authors whose writing I believe is of publishable quality. If you do not have a background in writing or have never taken a writing class or been part of a writers' group, I strongly suggest you do so before submitting your manuscript to me for review. This service is only available to serious writers. To apply for a manuscript review, please send a letter of introduction, a description of your manuscript (with a one-page synopsis, if you've written a novel), and a sample chapter of your writing (or the full manuscript, if you've written a children's picture book) to silverwishbone@gmail.com. All inquiries will be responded to, but not all will be chosen for a critique. Rates vary depending on the length of your work. Please contact me for a quote. ***NOTE: THIS IS NOT A "SELF-PUBLISHING" SERVICE***