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V Abhayan


Katalytz Publishers

Editor type: editor-in-chief

325 Mahaveer Seasons, HSR Layout, Sector 2, 560102

Bangalore, Karnataka India


Yahoo: rokphoenix

F9 is a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine published from Bangalore, India and I have been the editor for almost a year now. F9 features fashion, accessories, lifestyle, beauty, glamour, health, food, culture, celebrities, art and a wide variety of content all packaged and designed specifically to appeal to the younger generation while also providing quintessence for the different classes and age-groups. Apart from monthly and regular columns on fashion, lifestyle, health the magazine also features a special articles and tips on travel and tourism, exclusive celebrity interviews, food, career, technology, gossip, movies and a wide range of assortments from the world of fashion. F9, intents to provide meaningful and glamorous information to address the dearth of quality in fashion magazines while also providing insights and perspectives, which our readers might otherwise disregard, the possibility to inspire action. In addition, F9 also acknowledges and accomplishes to satisfy the power of the written word, photography, and artwork to draw attention to issues concerning women. Well thats what the magazine is about, and like all editors I am the guy who makes sure that everything holds together and goes according to plan. And I also want the end-result to be more than just the sum of its parts.