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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4


Investigative Journalist

Editor type: editor-in-chief

Home page: http://sajidhussain.start4all.com

Yahoo: sjournalist

Enthusiastic, Experienced and Hardworking Young Investigative Journalist. Country:Pakistan. Region:Asia Language : English / Other.. M A M phill In International Journalism and Media Studies.& with in media globalization. Masters in Abnormal Psychology. Bachelors Of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication. History (Hons) Technical Education: Diploma Of Associate Engineer in Electrical `Three Years` Profession/Occupation: Freelance investigative journalist.............. \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' Computer Command & Skills\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' Desk top,Web, Publishing, Editing,Networking,Software, Composing,Photoshop,others \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'Journalistic & Professional Experience\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' Journalistic Services Since March 1998, an eexperience & professional \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'Investigative Journalist\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' have extensive experience of working with Urdu--English Publications, TV, Radio Broadcast, Wire News Services cum News Agencies, Online , Research , Magazine , Fiction and Non Fiction Writer, other...... Focus Location Market: Pakistan + South Asia. Skills: Editor, Reporter, Interviewer, Translator, Sub Editor. Writer, Columnist, Annalist. Extra Skills: Articles, Columns, Survey, Documentaries. Fiction and Non Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Horror........... \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'Speciallities\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' Crime, Terrorism, Insurgents, Organised Crime, International Human Law,Human Trafficking, Border conflicts, Narcotics, Drugs, International affaires, Immigration, FIA, Aviation, Education, Special assignments, Human Rights, Courts and Law, Fedral and Local govt assignments, Political and Protest Coverage, High Profile cases, Investigation, Exclusive Reporting , Corruption , and other ................. \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'Personal Interests and Hobbies\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' Books, Documantries, Explore, Travelling, Hospitality, Long drive, Adventures, Thrill, Social working, Tv, Participation with International and national groups interaction / discussion / Forums, other............... \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'ISSUES OF INTEREST\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' [x] \\\\\\\"Alternative Schools\\\\\\\" & Learning [x] Animal Rights [x] Arms Control [x] Arts & Media [x] Child Labour [x] Children’s Rights [x] Citizenship & Belonging [x] Civil Liberties [x] Consumerism & Pollution [x] Corporate Social Responsibility [x] Culture & Identity [x] Detention & Torture [x] Disability Rights [x] Economic Migration & Migrant Workers [x] Educational Technology [x] Ethnicity & Race [x] Freedom of Expression [x] Genocide [x] Good Governance [x] HIV/AIDS [x] Human Rights & Equity [x] Independent Media & Mass Media [x] International Aid & Debt Relief [x] Justice & Punishment [x] Labour Rights [x] Learning & Education [x] Literacy [x] Mobile Communications [x] Natural Disasters [x] Neocolonialism & Imperialism [x] Online Safety & Security [x] Peace Building [x] Peace, Conflict & Governance [x] Political Thought [x] Poverty [x] Refugee Rights [x] Religion & Spirituality [x] Rights of Minorities [x] Rights of the Poor [x] Slavery & Human Trafficking [x] Social Welfare & Social Programs [x] Substance Abuse [x] Sustainable Development [x] War Children [x] Women’s Rights [x] Writing & Publishing [x] Youth Unemployment & Entrepreneurship [x] Youth Violence .

Memberships in Associations: ( COMPLETE PROFILE) Working to build a just society where human rights are respected, human dignity is protected, human development is facilitated and the environment is respected and protected. Member Of More Than 15009 Organizations, Associat