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Michael Alperstein

Luminous Living

Editor type: content

Michael Alperstein’s writing has been featured in Awakening Austin, a healthy living magazine. His guidance to aspiring writers was published in the book Getting Burned (Twenty Twenty Publishing, 2005). He has written syndicated content articles for webmasters, been a staff writer for Self-healing.org, and worked as a librarian for the Santa Fe, NM public school system. He contributed to the books The Real Meaning of Life (New World Library, 2005) and How to Survive a Move (Hundreds of Heads Publishing, 2005). Currently he is ghostwriting a book for a community leader in the Sikh religion. Since the sudden death of his sister in 2004, Michael has devoted himself to caring for his nephew Nicholas. Together, Michael and Nicholas love to explore the secret waterfalls in Golden Gate Park. Visit him at www.LuminousLiving.com Michael Alperstein (510) 229-0103 Michael (@) LuminousLiving.com "Michael is a wonderful editor. His remarkable clarity is geared towards a socially conscious awareness in an increasingly more spiritual public. I am grateful to have had Michael work with me on this project and hope that we will work again in the near future." - Kommany Sinlapasai Writer/Author “Alperstein’s writing is good company, his book full of gems, and the wisdom like the simple string of genuine heirloom pearls all too often overlooked for flashier plastic baubles in the jewel box.” - Michou Landon, Mount Shasta Magazine (key words: editor, writer, part time, copywriter, books, magazine articles, rewriting, ESL, author, teacher, research, web content, web copy, editing, spiritual, publishing, copywriting, non-fiction, nonfiction, metaphysical, self-help, book proposals, zen, spirit, philosphy, eastern, buddhism, buddhist, enlightenment, hindu, nondual, tarot, god, hinduism, publishing, ghostwriter, spiritual, ebook, mind body spirit, new age, recovery, parenting, personal growth, critique, dialogue, relationships, instructions, instruction manuals, health, exercise, how-to, meditation, creative writing, ghost-writer, picture books, story books, wordsmith, conscientious, affordable, reasonable rates, rewrite, editorial, publish, manuscripts, book doctor, psychology,san francisco, california, bay area, biography, memoir, polish, journal, free, freelance, storyteller, fiction, organized, experienced)