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Eric Koo


Circle of Collaborative Writers

Editor type: proofreader

555370 Singapore

I am a Singaporean and a graduate from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with a Master�s Degree of Science (Strategic Studies) and a Bachelor�s Degree of Applied Science (Materials Engineering). I am a contract Editor and I currently write commentary and analysis articles regularly for newspapers, with a consistent record of 54 published articles so far, including 3 research papers, published with various newspapers and academic , institutes, including the Straits Times, TODAY, Asia Times Online and the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. I am also a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London. Besides writing commentaries, I also do research work for various employers and also provide editorial services for busy people at negotiable fees. I am currently also seeking other writers interested in collaboration in doing join works or articles or essays. Interested parties can visit my online group & join us. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circlewriters/ While reading for my Master�s Degree, I was selected for a Study Award and appointed to the post of Research Analyst to assist in the establishing and subsequent operation of the Political Violence and Terrorism Program at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies (IDSS), headed by the renowned Terrorism Expert, Dr. Rohan Gunaratna. I served from Nov. 2002 � June 2003. I had done write-ups on terrorist and insurgent group profiles, analytical papers on specific military, political or intelligence issues, as well as performed other administrative duties. I also undertook 2 MBA modules, Strategy Formulation & Strategy Implementation, at the Nanyang Business School while reading for my Masters course. We provide the following services: 1) The Quality of the article 2) The relevance & timing (as decided by the publisher) 3) In addition, we also provide the following services: a) Research & Writing Commissioned works. b) Editorial services c) Consultancy services d) Curriculum Development and creation of teaching materials. e) Sale of articles on the following topics: 1.Business behaviour and Issues 2.Democracy 3.Education 4.Environmental Issues 5.General Topics of interest – e.g. articles of interest to women’s magazines, general essays. 6.Globalization 7.Historical issues and debates 8.Humourous or tragic short stories 9.IT features 10.International Issues and Affairs: a)Al Qaeda & international terrorism b)Human Rights Issue c)India d)Indonesia e)Iraq f)Iranian nuclear issue g)Taiwan and China cross strait relations h)Trial of Saddam Hussein i)Terrorism in South East Asia j)The Thai unrest problem k)North Korean nuclear issue l)Russia & the Chechnya problem m)Social and cultural issues n)Suicide terrorism o)Terrorism, ideology, governmental policies, political and military issues p)The Palestinian issue q)US Foreign Policy & International relations with world and Asia 11.Poems

Memberships in Associations: International Institute for Strategic Studies, London