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Rahul Prabhakar


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Editor type: copy

Home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/technical_writers_india

Yahoo: rahulpr_2002

I am employed as a full-time technical writer with Samsung Electronics Company Limited, South Korea from March 2005. My total work experience as a technical writer is more than five years. In these past five years, I've worked for all sorts of companies - from small startups to Fortune 500 giants such as Oracle India Private Limited, Bangalore. I have a typical "pioneer" mindset. I think ahead of my times, keeping track of things and staying on top of them. I believe in working for the best companies in the world. If you track my journey so far, you will notice that I worked for a lot of domains and handled different types of niche projects for various market segments. In the process, I have worked on some of the best practices, tools, and organizations in India and abroad. I have also been published in magazines and newspapers of international repute. You can refer my blog (http://2brahulprabhakar.blogspot.com/) for more information. I am the owner/moderator of a technical communication listserv called Technical Writers India or TWI on Yahoo! Groups. It is by far the largest mailing list for professional technical communicators in the Indian subcontinent (Refer, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/technical_writers_india/). In addition, I started the meetup group for Bangalore Technical Writers (http://techwriter.meetup.com/2/about/) in 2004. The same year, I presented a paper at the STC annual conference in Chennai. I have promoted technical communication in the Indian subcontinent through my listserv, meetup groups, articles in various newsletters, journals, and magazines. What's unique about my accomplishments is that I have shared my research and publications with the rest of the global community. I get my motivation from a part of the world that is just learning about technical communication; even though my research and subsequent publications are of interest to technical writers in other geographical locations.

Memberships in Associations: - IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) - STC (Society for Technical Communication) Education Subcommittee and Management SIG (Special Interest Group) - Forum 2007 Program Committee