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Tabish Faraz

Editor type: copy

Tabish Faraz is an international writer/editor with over a decade of professional writing/editing experience. In addition to writing and editing content for the web, he has also drafted professional documents such as corporate proposals, business press releases, business plans, guidelines for writers/journalists, sales letters/emails etc. He has also written two feature-length screenplays on assignment and provided guidance to some ambitious writers and filmmakers from Europe and India. He has also worked with an independent Hollywood producer. "I'm a big supporter and champion of writers. Anyone, such as yourself, who also takes a strong interest in screenwriters is someone with whom I share a passion and wish to be connected." -- kind words of Gary W. Goldstein for Tabish Faraz (he isn’t the indie producer) Co-producer: “Pretty Woman” (Julia Roberts, Richard Gere) Executive producer: “Under Siege” and “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” (Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones) Gary also works as a business consultant. www.garywgoldstein.com/ Louisiana Department of Education, Govt. of Louisiana, U.S., taught one of Tabish’s articles titled “Screenplays and Scripts: Understand the Difference” to students of its Career Diploma Course titled “Film in America” for two years after adding the article in its Comprehensive Curriculum (PDF of the Department’s previous Comprehensive Curriculum with the link to Tabish’s article listed in it is available upon request). Tabish Faraz has written/edited for American (mostly), Australian, British, Canadian, Gulf-based, Malaysian, Pakistani and Vietnamese businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with English Literature, International Relations and Philosophy as chosen subjects. "Tabish Faraz is one of the most creative and talented writers I have worked with. His writing style allows the reader to comprehend the information provided and make better decisions. I recommend Tabish to all my friends and colleagues that are looking for an excellent writer for their business." -- Nouriel Gino Yazdinian Ex-CEO of Pringo Inc., which was acquired by MobileBits for US$10 mil. in 2011 www.nouriel.com/biography/ www.modulates.com/executive-team/ Tabish has also done some content writing and editing for Modulates, a California-based startup whose advisory board includes Alex Sandel; co-founder of Packard Bell Computers, Lionsgate Films (“American Psycho” {Christian Bale}, Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “The Hunger Games” {Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth} www.lionsgate.com) and Future Media Productions, Inc. (www.nasdaq.com/markets/ipos/company/future-media-productions-55098-2342). Besides writing many other things for Gino, Tabish also wrote the sales page of Gino’s hot-selling ebook, “Principles of Business Success” – an e-book given kudos also by Christopher Smith, director of Marketing & Communications at Pure Power Advisors, which started US$100 million tax-equity fund for solar projects in California in January 2011 – including the script for the e-book’s marketing video. Tabish also wrote for British car news site www.modifiedcars.com for six months and has been working as the Publishing Editor for San Jose, California, US-based cryptocurrency/blockchain/financial technology news site www.coinreport.net (coinreport.net/contact/about-us/) for about three years now. Tabish can be reached at pro.screenwriter@gmail.com