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Maria Cristina Azcona

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Maria Cristina Azcona is an argentine novelist and poetess. She is also writer and editor. She has received two university degrees in: Psycho-pedagogy and Family Counselling, one in Argentina and the other in Spain. Since then, she works as a Psychotherapist in Buenos Aires. In 1998 she won First Prize in poetry at one of the most important contests of her country, organized by the Argentine Centre for Development of New Authors, (C.A.D.D.A.N.). Since that moment she wrote four books in Spanish, and has participated in many international anthologies around the world, especially at USA, India and Spain. Nowadays, she writes articles to printed publications like: “Spirit, a magazine designed for the diverse woman”,” The Taj Mahal Review”(an international literary journal), Biffs Quarterly, and others around India and USA.She is also Editorial Advisor to the printed publications: “The Taj Mahal Review” and to the following anthologies of poetry: “The Golden Wings”, “Voyages”, “The Still Horizon” and many other published by Cyberwit.net. She is Editor and Editorial Advisor to “Niche Anthology Series” and has edited the anthologies: “Mundo Hueco”, “Música del Alma” (Latin American authors) and “Dark Street and Other poems” by Nikesh Murali. To whom she has also translated the book “Mist” to Spanish. Today, her poetry is considered as one of the most creative and original of postmodern times. Her poems specially “Family Abuse” and “Peaceful Agony” have been finalists in innumerable contests around the world. Accomplishments: Selected as contributor to"The EAP Bulletin" Department of Health, City of Milwaukee, USA "Runner Up in poetry"- Biffsboards 2003-Spring. USA First Prize in Poetry-CADDAN-Argentina-1998 First Prize "Editor Choice Award" India-2003 (Mar Ivanios Literary Club) Contact Author: MARIA CRISTINA AZCONA Larrea 1367 P2-9 (1117) Buenos Aires- ARGENTINA Email: azconacristina@hotmail.com Links: Spirit Freelance writer-articles Cyberwit.net I am certified editorial advisor and my credits are shown in the first page at most of the issues of Taj Mahal review and anthologies such as Voyages, The Golden Wings and others. Also my poetry and bio. Niche Anthology Series I am editorial advisor and editor . C.A.D.D.A.N. Argentina I am Director of International Relations and editor. Biffs Boards (Biifs Quarterly now is called Cold Glass magazine) BiffsBoards Biffsboards/thearc Biffsboards/Azcona Poetry Magazine (New York) Maria Cristina Azcona Articles: Human Rights in the New Millennium Spirit Magazine (Chicago, IL, USA) on April issue 2003 ISBN 81-901366-2-3 Voyages by Cyberwit.net, India, pp. 318 features poets characterized by the iridescent color of imagination and accuracy of observation. They add a new light to what they experience and feel. The poets from Europe and other countries exhibit a simple force and chaste tenderness. Music comes spontaneously to these artists from USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Germany, France, Portugal, Japan, India etc. "Are thy wings plumed indeed for such far flights? O soul, voyagest thou indeed on voyages like those." (Walt Whitman) Books: Quick links for Maria Cristina Azcona Accomplishments Contact Author Links Books Articles The Golden Wings, An Anthology of WORLD POETRY, pp.320 ISBN 81-901366-1-5 Published by Cyberwit.net (2002) Reviews "In the world of Poetry there can be no room for elitism or hierarchical pecking order, of any kind. Poetry is a voice that must be heeded. And this lovely anthology brings to us all a common share of family in the true spirit of international Peace." Bernard M.Jackson Hon. Sec. Cinque Ports Poets - ENGLAND VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 DECEMBER 2002 The December 2002 issue of Taj Mahal Review by Cyberwit.net, India, pp. 351 is a quality journal devoted to Arts, Literature, Poetry and Culture. Our generation is demanding lots of Poetry. That's why Taj Mahal Journal is so important. The poems in the Journal reveal a sense of mystery and uncommonness in the ordinary objects of nature and human life. The shaping power of imagination revealed in these poems creates the highest poetry. Poems, essays and short stories by some of the greatest creative writers enrich Taj Mahal Review with rich variety and abundance. The Journal contains essays, short stories, poems and book reviews from USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Argentina, Norway, South Korea, Nigeria, Ukraine, Japan, India etc. The inspired writings can make a difference, and can change the world. Yes, I wish to subscribe Taj Mahal Review. Please send me the copy or copies of the Journal. VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2003 Taj Mahal Review by Cyberwit.net, India, pp. 300 is devoted to Literature and Arts so that the writers may live in perpetuity to be appreciated for all times. The Journal is devoted to the cause of poetry so that our planet may be a better place to live in. What Taj Mahal Review asks the poet is to be stimulated and moved by the visual and the aural imagery. The poems reveal the remarkable variety of life, and a faith in life, blended by a healthy skepticism. Poems, literary articles, essays, reviews and short stories etc. enrich literature, and the true talent, stature of the writers can be justly appraised. It is a Journal that can be read on a regular basis. Yes, I wish to subscribe Taj Mahal Review. Please send me the copy or copies of the Journal. VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2003 Taj Mahal Review issue 3 by Cyberwit.net, India, pp. 410 features Reflections, Short stories full of genuine emotional depth, Poems revealing a singular beauty and 'inner rhythm', penetrating and stimulating Book Reviews, and a carefully compiled 21 page section providing biographical notes on each of the contributing authors. This is an outstanding journal of quality and variety, featuring 191 authors from 20 countries. This is a beautiful Journal revealing a true kaleidoscope of tone, colour, and brings to each of us a common share of family in the real spirit of international Peace and Friendship. Here is present a masterpiece collection of poems and short stories. Count on Taj Mahal Review, where different nations meet at a single place. Discover a whole new way of appreciating Poetry for Peace. Poetry is the only panacea to end all the evils infecting mankind. The poems and short stories published in Taj Mahal Review record "the best and happiest moments of the best minds." Taj Mahal Review can be read "as a fine art, as an experiment, a duty or merely recreation." The poems show an intensity of sincere feeling, the extraordinary pictorial quality, a vivid feeling for the cadence of phrases, an absence of artistic monotony. There is no trace of anything impure, or ugly, or violent in TMR. The publication of TMR makes the real beginning of the outburst of Poetry and short story in English in the new millennium. Join us in the world's greatest gathering of Poets and Short-story writers. Yes, I wish to subscribe Taj Mahal Review. Please send me the copy or copies of the Journal. EDITED BY: Dr. Santosh Kumar FORMAT: Paperback (pp: 280) ISBN: 81-901366-3-1 AVAILABILITY: In Stock PUBLISHER: Cyberwit.net PUB. DATE: 6 October 2003 The poets are able to unravel the mystery of life, and to reveal uncommonness in the ordinary things of life. The imagery in the poems is clear and delicate. Several poems in Symphonies exalt and widen the spiritual vision, and the aim of such poets seems "to console the afflicted, to add sunshine to daylight by making the happy happier, to teach the young and the gracious of every age to see, to think and feel, and therefore to become more actively and securely virtuous." My Spanish anthologies in e-book Mundo Hueco meaning 'hollow earth' is an anthology featuring post modern poems by some of the most talented Latin American Authors selected by CADDAN. Written in spanish, the poems in this collection are headed for critical accalaim and has the power to inspire. Se trata de la primera antología internacional organizada por CADDAN, marcando el inicio de una serie de antologías en español, abierta a todos los poetas del mundo. En esta primera antología, organizada por CADDAN, María Cristina Azcona y Nikesh Murali,la temática es la poesía social centrada en los valores supremos del derecho a la vida, el pan, la felicidad y el desarrollo sin discriminación de ninguna especie y señalando el respeto más profundo a las diferentes creencias, culturas o idiosincracias humanas. Música del Alma; Niche anthology Series Edited By Maria Cristina Azcona My Spanish anthologies in e-book An anthology of soulful poetry that will help you identify the hidden strains of divine music in your soul. A host of talented Spanish poets are assembled by Editor Maria Cristina Azcona, to touch your ailing hearts and troubled mind. Come experience the magic! Another quality presentation from Niche Anthology Series and Rowe publishing garnering critical acclaim from critics. The poems from these books have received prizes in several countries: USA SPAIN PAKISTAN ARGENTINA The poems from these books have received prizes in several countries: USA SPAIN PAKISTAN ARGENTINA LA VOZ DEL ANGEL: NOVEL IN SPANISH Soon I will translate my argentinean novel about stereotypes on Baires. Novela sobre estereotipos porteños en diálogo con el arquetipo de lo sobrenatural: el ángel. Entretenida novela sobre una familia argentina que encuentra en su camino a un ángel el cual cambiará el curso de su historia. Estar de Novios Hoy (essay) written with my husband Ernesto Castellano, 2003 Dark Street and Other Poems defines the underlying philosophy in Nikesh Murali's poetry. A compendium of thought provoking poetry, specially selected by bestselling author Maria Cristina Azcona. Education for a New Millennium Periferia

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