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Nicole Allard


Writer's Success

Editor type: editor-in-chief

Home page: http://writerssuccess.com/

I created and maintain Writer's Success, a free online resource for freelance writers, as well as a free weekly newsletter. http://www.writerssuccess.com July 17, 2002 To Whom It May Concern: Nicole Allard strikes me as a great person judging by her enthusiastic emails after being accepted as an assistant editor for my publication New York City Voices. I have gotten her revisions to the articles I sent her for the first time and I look forward to future revisions. I think she has good judgment. In fact, after reading her criticism for one article in particular, I will return that article to the author for further revision. I hope she will work with my publication for a long time, because we need more editors like her, who can work from afar, but thanks to the Internet and email, edit articles and return them in a timely manner. Sincerely, Daniel Frey Editor-in-Chief 212-614-6348