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Amalia Sotiriadou


TalentGrid.com e-publishing

Editor type: editor-in-chief

MSN: amasot

S Amalia came upon this earth in order to dream. After spending most of her life amalgamating knowledge and the raw materials dreams are made of, she began to paint these dreams into words, wanting to share them with the rest of the world. A published author in her native land, Greece, in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Children’s books genres, S Amalia is now doing what she always wanted to do: Write books in her beloved adopted language, English. S Amalia is the Editor-in-Chief of TalentGrid.com e-publiushing and she doubles as the Science Fiction editor for the Greek publishing Company "Perivolaki". A victim of Multiple Sclerosis, S Amalia is reaching for the stars right from her wheelchair, proving once and for all that NOTHING can imprison the spirit!