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Leo Bricker


Editor type: proofreader

I have been blessed, or cursed depending on viewpoint, with a virtual blue pencil embedded in my eye. I enjoy the great privilege of working with a number of authors whose work I greatly enjoy. Some of the comments shared at times include: “Yowser. It’s amazing that a book that went through the production process at a New York house can have that much sloppiness. Good eye.” Author Ben Rehder “Beta readers followed by a professional editor and still Leo Bricker found errors.” Author Margaret Lake “I think your work is fantastic, Leo. At least five people, besides me, have been through these novels with the sole purpose of weeding out typos and dropped words, etc. These are people I trust and respect. The last one was a "professional" proof reader. You have a special gift for seeing the smallest things, almost as though you have a microscopic eye that nearly all of the rest of us lack. I often have to go through the sentences you've sent me more than once before I see the error. It's truly amazing, and I'm glad you reached out to me. You make the work better. I don't know what higher praise I could give you.” Author Scott Pratt “Great work. Sharp eye. Worth every penny.” Author Ben Rehder "Like the heroine following a trail of clues, you found every typo in the Sedona O'Hala series. I can't thank you enough!" - Author Maria Schneider