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Ibn Akbar


Nice Touch Editing Services, LLC

Editor type: editor-in-chief

Home page: www.NiceTouchEditing.com

Hello WritersNet! Ibn Akbar, qualified editor, is at your service! First and foremost, my goal is to provide a professional service that will leave my clients satisfied with their final product, and overjoyed with their experience working with me. Now let's get to why YOU should choose ME. For one, I have been formally trained in the English field. I received my B.A degree in English, with a concentration in Journalism in 2009. I have since worked numerous newsbeats in the journalism world. I've written for multiple media outlets, which has allowed me the opportunity to cover a broad spectrum, ranging from politics, to health related stories, hard news, investigative features , news analysis and commentary, and more. Throughout my development as a paid journalist, I began to catch a closer glimpse into the editing process, which allowed him to gain invaluable editorial experience. Over the years I've developed a keen eye for the intricacies of editing, including the importance of sentence structure, proper word usage, clarity, and countless other grammatical details. Over the last couple years I have transitioned into the independent professional role, where I have edited several manuscripts that have gone on to be published, countless undergraduate papers, P.hD proposals, web content, and much more. To date, my most notable editorial credit line resides with my work on the acclaimed self-help book, "Depression Free: A Wise Woman's Guide To Healing and Happiness Ameenah Ross, 2009, which is still being sold at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and other major retailers. I pride myself on being an editor that edits content and not creativity. All writers be assured that I am an editor who will not water down the originality of your material! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to check out my website at: www.NiceTouchEditing.com