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BAWN Moon Rising

Author:  Peg Watts-Cartwright
Date:  08-22-02

As a basically unpublished author, I am always looking for anyone who'll take my work seriously. The quest we all unite behind.

I expect the "Thanks, we're full," or "Not our thing," or other non-interested responses. It's part of the deal. So, when we get those glimmers of hope that contain words like "interested" or "send more" our hearts gain courage and we muster on.

I got correspondence like that from BAWN, and being new to the game I got hopeful -- excited even. I checked their website, they asked no reader fees and seemed legit.

Then I began to read comments from other writers on this agency. It also helped that my husband, R.S. Cartwright, has been writing for many years and has had some publishing success. When I received the "We'd like to offer you a contract" email I wasn't excited. I read the terms and sure enough -- monthly maintenance fees to represent me.

I wrote them back a "Thanks, but no thanks" letter and they replied with best wishes for me. I saved the emails, just in case.

It's one thing, in my novice opinion, to charge fees like this. It may be unswarthy, but legal. It's quite another to have a website and not post this initially, so potential victims... errrr... writers, know the score.

Before I pay someone to do their jobs (when they're already going to get their percentage if I make good) I'll save my meagre funds and self publish.

My advice for anyone seeing a BAWN Moon rising over their career horizon? Pull the covers back over your head. It was just a dream.

Copyright 2002 Peg Watts-Cartwright. All rights reserved.

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