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Arthea Arese Quesada

Donna Quesinberry (DonnaInk, Telework-BPO)
We offer literary and technical communication, documentation, and publication services to: Authors, Businesses, Corporations, Private individuals, and Publishers. With a versatile team of project management and literary service professionals we support a wide range of typeset platfor...

Donna Quesinberry (DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.)
DonnaInk Publications features select authors and their titles. We represent both fiction and non-fiction. How to Contact: Query first SASE, then send outline | proposal, 1-2 sample chapters, SASE. No fax queries. Queries are acceptable by e-mail. We make every attempt to respond to email querie...

Bill Quozen

Paul Rainmaking (Rainmaking)
Looking ONLY for ONE client! Ideally targetted to 3 - 8 y/o, and written as a series of short series. Gender neutral would be ideal but not mandatory. We are 2 succesful businessmen who have a very unorthodox idea and need a writer and possibly an artist to complete the team. If you thin...

Khathutshelo Ramunisi (Tswingoni)

Jennifer Ranches (Author Line)

Adriann Ranta (Wolf Literary Services LLC)
Wolf Literary Services is a full-service literary agency specializing in dynamic, quirky books written for all ages. As an agency, we have a deep respect for the place where “low” art meets high art—we like a good story, regardless of genre. We specialize in the kinds of books that meaningfully ...

Penelope Raynor (Raynor Neil Agency.)
At the moment we are actively seeking works of fiction in all catagories. We are more than happy to look at work from new or unpublished writers. We also take on translation work: German/English English/German French/English. We only accept short e-mail queries and these should be, not more than...

Jj Reid (MyAuthors.info)
My Authors Ltd Based in the UK and Denmark, with sub offices elsewhere, we aim to bring new and aspiring writers to the attention of a global audience. We are happy to consider new forms of writing, such as animated and experimental works, enjoying the challenge that these bring. We have our own ...

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