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Jody Rein (Jody Rein Books, Inc.)
JRB is a full-service literary agency, with a small and select client list. Founded in late 1994 by Jody Rein, who was an executive editor in New York with both BDD (now Random House and Avon (now HarperCollins), JRB has earned millions of dollars in advances for its clients. JRB seeks commercial...

Cris Robins (Robins Agency)
Agents sell books ... Period. Agents specialize in what they sell, eg. books, film, or television. Our agency manages Intellectual Properties and the authors who create them. We specialize in who we sell -- new writers. As such, our clients' work can evolve into books, screenplays, teleplays/dramas,...

Cris Robins (The Robins Agency)
Please see our site for submission guidelines.

Rrrrr Robor (Robor Rownb Rit-er)
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Rokeyjog Rokeyjog (Rokeyjog)

Michele Rooney (May Writer's Group Literary Agency)
You've worked hard creating your wonderful writing project -- now it's time to let us work our marketing magic. We're May Writer's Group Literary Agency -- and we love marketing your wonderful writing almost as much as you love creating it. We carefully read and consider every query letter we r...

Michele Rooney (Michele Glance Rooney Literary Agency)
Agency website is http://superliteraryagent.tripod.com Michele Glance Rooney has been a literary agent for 19 years representing both fiction and non-fiction. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Michigan State University and has worked a newspaper reproter and copy editor for the(Myrtl...

Jonty Roots (Buy Diet Pill)
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Jeff Ross (Jeff Ross Management)

William Rotterstien (EagleNest Author's Publishing Group)
We are a group that pushes for new and highly creative works of literary art. We are known for setting the standards. Especially known for the development of Authors. We change very little, however we ask our writers to push far past their own expectations, only to assist in the achievments that are...

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