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Nate Douglas

Jane Dowary (Jane Dowary Agency)
Submission Guidelines: "Query" in subject line of email. Email queries only. Full synopsis, first sample chapter, list of any other agents/editors/publishers/producers reading the novel (i'll still read the work but I ask to be told ahead of time if any one else is reading the same submission as I...

Terry Dubbs (Running Water Literary Agency)
We are a young agency with talented assistants and a network of publishers. We are very interested in looking at work from new, unpublished, aspiring writers as well as established, published authors.

Karen Dunn (Stoneleaf Literary Agency)
Whether you're the next Thomas Wolfe or Virginia Woolf, Stoneleaf Literary Agency will make sure your work gets the attention it deserves. More information about Stoneleaf Literary Agency is available on our website, http://www.stoneleaf.net. Stoneleaf Literary Agency, Inc. was created in 2003...

Tiffany Durant (Durant Literary Agency)
While being a newer company, we are confident that we can offer the necessities in order to provide you with the opportunity to have your work published. While we are not members of AAR, we still function within the same guidelines for our business. Each submission will be analyzed and taken into...

Omar Dyer (Coaches! 101)
We don't represent clients, rather then help them get their work copyrighted -- plus in the hands of the correct literary agent. We don't assign contracts, or work on contracting deals with clients, but rather help them copyright their work, and sending them to the correct agency.

Francois E (E&M writers representatives)
Run by two partners one a graphic designer and the other a playwright turned literary agent E&M offers you competitively low commision rates as well as value added services such as mock-ups of what your book cover/illustrations will look like and detailed critiques and evaluations of your work. Whil...

Rita Edgar (THE EDGAR LIONS/TEL Multimedia)
WE are an International Group of Artists,photographers, writers. My MSN Group is FREE. I am an International poet and have written and illustrated for the Cook News-Herald in Minnesota as well. I look at different pieces through the group where input is used to create projects. We are on photogr...

Angela Edwarda (Acai-ultimate)
Acai Ultimate

Darren Edwards (Copperhouse Literary Agency)
Executive Agent at Copperhouse. As a growing agency, we are actively seeking new clients and are currently accepting submissions. We never charge a reading fee and are always happy to accept unsolicited material. If you have written a novel and seek representation, please visit our website to submit...

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