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Mark Falkin

Agency: Falkin Literary

Falkin Literary
A full service literary agency in Austin, Texas


Mark Falkin. Licensed in Texas, I've practiced entertainment and intellectual property law for 17 years, representing hundreds of artists (a platinum seller and Grammy(R) winner among them), entrepreneurs and businesses, shopping artistic projects, drafting and negotiating entertainment contracts, securing trademarks and copyrights, licensing and selling intellectual properties, establishing businesses, litigating disputes. I've written 3 novels (and a chapbook of poems); one, literary, is self-published and well-reviewed; another, an upmarket supernatural thriller, garnered an agent at a venerable NYC agency; another, dystopian suspense, CONTRACT CITY is out now from Bancroft Press. And then there's What I'm Working On Now.

Falkin Literary has secured publishing agreements for its writers with media companies as small as Tin House Books and as large as Penguin Random House/Doubleday.

What I'm looking for::

Actively building my client list (unsubtle code for: I'm a new agent), I'm looking for fiction, namely, novels with a literary bent in these general categories (in no order of preference): suspense; thriller; horror; dystopian; offbeat and quirky; humorous; and the catchall, that ineffable one called "literary".

You get the idea: whip-smart, fresh, commercial genre fiction, literary fiction, genre-bending or genre-blending. Full-voiced, dark, captivating, laugh-out-loud, unapologetic, transgressive. I want kinetic stories that tickle my Wernicke's area.

If you're Chuck Palahniuk, if you�re Stephen King (or, hell, if you�re Joe Hill), if you're Joyce Carol Oates, if you're Stewart O'Nan, if you're Daniel Woodrell, if you're David Sedaris or Mamet, if you're Bret Ellis, if you're Douglas Coupland, if you're later-day William Gibson, if you're Annie Proulx, if you're Ken Kesey, you're what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for compelling, well-plotted stories first, gosh-wow blank verse prose second.

What I'm not looking for::

Nonfiction; Romance, erotica, sci-fi, fantasy, children's, picture books, middle grade, religious, big 'ol Epics, Clancy-esque terrorism plots, zombies, vampires, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it; Too-clever, Po-Mo, gimmicks, style-over-substance, books solely of the mind (those of you who think you're Pynchon or DeLillo: news item for you: you're not), books written solely to impress your MFA class. I want the heart involved, an unputdownable, honest, resonant book that leaves a residue on me.

How to submit::

E-mail your query plus two chapters (in the body of the e-mail, please) to: mark.falkin[at]gmail.com

Web: www.markfalkin.com/falkin-literary


I do not care that you have no advanced arts degree.

If you can't already tell by the whiz-bang web presence you are now experiencing, I do not care that you lack social media presence (feeling that writers ought to, you know, write, rather than tweet, facebook, blog, text, play around with technology instead of actually creating meaningful, toothsome composition).

I do not care that this is your first book.

I do care that it is finished, is as good as it can be and that you're not living in denial: you've got chops and you know it, and it's on display in this manuscript. Writer to writer: Make me jealous. Make me uneasy with envy. School me. Make me say, "Man, I wish I'd written that, could do that."

As a writer, I feel your pain. This business of getting an agent, of getting published, is a slog. I got my first agent doing exactly what you're doing now: researching viable agents and cold querying. Thus, I'll try my best to get to your work soon. E-mail me in a month if you don't hear from me.

Good luck, and keep writing.

Website: http://www.markfalkin.com/falkin-literary.html

Memberships: Texas Bar

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: Yes

Reading fee: No