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Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert

Agency: GILBERT LITERARY AGENCY (Subsiduary of Hawkspurr Productions)
3859 Danseys Pass Road
RANFURLY, New Zealand  

Home page: www.gilbertliteraryagency.com (Under Construction and renewed by July 20th 2013)

MSN: Skype ID: emerantia.parnall.gilbert

Hello, and Welcome to Our page!

IMPORTANT: If you are considering submitting your work to us, please click onto our Home link and carefully read about our MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES REQUIREMENTS at:


Our Business is in the marketing and promotions of literary works of some note and potential. We hope to be able to serve our aspiring authors in helping them become successful published authors; and may they, with their special talents infuse some new blood into the global publishing industry. Just remember...It takes longer to write a book, than it takes for it to be read. We believe there is always room for more writers with colorful and unique writing styles and techniques, able to offer a wider choice of compelling and innovative ideas and story plots with their craft, to fascinate our global readership.


We market and promote your literary works to Publishers. We specialize in different fields and all genres of Fiction and Non-Fiction. We assess all works of fiction including Childrens,Young Adult, Fantasy, All Romance Genres, Crime Thrillers, Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Women’s Popular Fiction, Gay and Lesbian, Sci-Fi Fantasy/Horror, Sci-Fi Adult/Fantasy/Thriller, and non-fiction in areas of Autobiography, Life Story, Biography, Short Story Collections, Self Help, Quantum Physics, Science. We offer our free services for proofreading and line editing services, in-depth manuscript assessments covering areas such as characterization, plot, settings, dialogue and style. This objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts will assist in improving work, and our assessments are detailed and rigorous; providing authors with constructive comment on the strengths and weaknesses of their work. In particular we offer novelists our professional screenplay adaptation services (Our specialty).

Although New Zealand based, we also have a representative in Australasia, and welcome international submissions. Our basic Agency Commission Fees only apply when a publishing contract for the client has been established, and they are earning royalty commissions income revenue from active book sales. We do not charge reading, editing or any other editorial fees. These are freely offered as part of your contract with our Agency. All expenses that may be incurred on a client's behalf will be covered upfront by our Agency during representation. We shall be taken all the risks as Publishers also do. We may sustain the genuine belief that your work is making an impact on us, it may even make an impression on Publishers, enough so that a publishing contract will be offered. In today's industry it is however ultimately up to the readers to buy and read your book/s, despite the share of marketing and promotions done on your behalf by your Publishers, or even what you as the author contributes towards this campaign. The fact that Random House and Penguin Group has joined forces recently, something I thought I would never see happening in my lifetime, is serving purely as a barometer as ti how the industry is changing, and we must adapt to these changes and move forward accepting that we will be publishing books in various other ways, other than paperback. Paperback will always be a favorite with many, but many more than that will favor the cheaper and more accessible, and even sometimes free books on offer right now by the hundreds at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and various other online book warehouse sites. This is the reality. However, often times authors are finding that their Kindle sales are far exceeding their paperback sales. Whether you are published by Random-Penguin Group or Harper Collins or Bloomsbury. It is all about cost effective accessibility to the reader. Where an author can make good is where his / her book makes it to the movies. A movie deal will generate book sales. A fine example of this kind of reversal of salesmanship of a literary product is the 'Harry Potter' phenomenon.

Other changes in the industry such as what has happened to Borders is not only limited to the USA, as we are seeing closures in all countries including Australia and New Zealand of some of these long established book retailers.


Do heed these changes as extremely significant...and more is to come. However, whatever is about to evolve and come our way in the industry as we move further into the 21st century, we must all learn to adapt to these changes. One thing is a certainty, books will always be inspired and crafted by talented authors, and keen readers will always read them.


We also provide Film Representation services but favor a strong preference for representation on behalf of our in-house clients/authors only, who may have approached us specifically for this service in relation to seeing their published novels and adapted screenplays attain to a new and more progressive level of success.

Note: Emailed manuscript submissions are preferred, but we also accept CD form, but no longer hard copy. We provide international services despite our Pacific Rim location. A predominantly larger percentage of our clientele is comprised of American authors, (perhaps ironic noting our location) this followed by Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Australasia and New Zealand, in that order.

On the main, we target the services of offshore Publishers for most of our clients, availing us to more varied services, and enabling us to reach a wider readership. Some of our promising, both published and yet unpublished aspiring authors, will be able to infuse their own unique stamp on the industry by offering a wealth of diverse talents. In order to satisfy a multiple of genres that are being sought by an ever-growing and more discerning readership audience around the globe. We also provide representation on behalf of our published authors to various film productions companies, which whom we liaise on behalf of those clients who are seeking these additional specialist services. We maintain regular contact with both American, British as well as Australian Film production agents/film/literary auction venues in those countries for film/movie projects evaluations/sales.

Dear established clients, and new clients on a lighter note!

Thank you for your interest in our company and considering our services. It is very much appreciated. We welcome all new submissions for all categories of genres, and we would love to have a read of your work. Keeping in mind that we are overwhelmed with submissions and an already substantial backlog, so 'writersbeware' be aware that there is always yet another waiting list to join, not only ours but that of Publishers also to whom we submit your works. However, but we shall endeavor to do our very best to return our replies to you as quickly as time will allow for.

As already stated we have a substantial waiting list of clients yet to be assessed and which is an ongoing trend from year to year, but should a contract be in order if all goes according to plan there will be a further delay from the date of signing your contract with the agency to the point of where actual representation ensues. A time lapse from between 2 to 3 months may ensue, (noted in our contract) before we are able to commence with the actual representation of your work to various Publishers on your behalf.

Please do strictly adhere to our requirements as stipulated below or your submissions will be rejected:-

1. The Text of your script must be executed in Times New Roman Font/12point, Double Spacing for normal sized manuscripts up to 135,000 words. Anything over the 135,000 Word count in 1.5 spacing. Ensure that the text of the main body of the script is in Justified format. (in other words no jagged edge to the text at the right hand margin please). We suggest you work in Justified setting from the very first paragraph you type when starting a new manuscript/project. We will only accept previously unpublished projects, although there are exceptions to the rule under certain instances.

2. Your completed manuscript must also be accompanied by a Synopsis of approximately 1 page in length in 1.5 spacing providing an overview of the story line). When composing your synopsis list the following details (in reference to your manuscript and its elements) at the top left hand side corner of your Synopsis - as per example below in single-spaced:

Be sure to include your personal contact details i.e. forwarding address, and phone number, and your date of birth on the main Title page of your manuscript at the top left hand side. When you compose your Synopsis list manuscript elements at the top left hand side corner of your Synopsis - as per example below in single-spaced:

Synopsis: Title of your Novel/Project
Author: Your Name (and Pen name if you are using one)
Word Count:
Font/Size: Times New Roman / 12 (The most preferred font by Publishers)
Line Spacing:
Number of Pages:

…Then begin your first paragraph of your Synopsis starting here.

Please email us your work in a Zipped Folder, with a proper file name as per Example below - or it may be rejected by our system.

August 7 2012 HauntedHouse – John Smith

Using lower case text first type in the date you are sending it, abbreviate the book’s title to a minimum, followed by your name.

This will be the only way for me to instantly recognize who it was from, and the date we received your submissions, as we receive 100's per month. :) If you don't follow this rule your file may get lost among many others. I seem to be spending many unnecessary hours each month renaming inadequate file names submitted by both new clients, as well as some of our established clients.

If this trend does not improve and our advice continues to be ignored, we may return your submission to be amended by you accordingly. You may then re-submit if you still feel so inclined.

This golden rule applies to the correct, precise and clear naming of ALL types of files such as (Word Documents, Notepad messages, PDF files, zipped folders, Image files). All must be properly named by Date, abbreviated title of project, and the author’s name. Simple, concise and easy to remember and recognize who they were from and when these were sent by you, and received by us.

Please keep in mind that although we are somewhat overwhelmed with requests these days, we promise to get back with you as soon as possible. We shall let you know of our decision and advise you of the next step. Nothing will materialize overnight, and for some authors it may take longer to be placed with a traditional publisher, and for others it could all happen very quickly before they are snapped up by a Publisher. So be prepared to have a good reserve of patience and confidence in our efforts to see a successful culmination to your aspirations. If you are prepared to allow us to do our job on your behalf, no matter how much time this may seemingly involve, you will see you work in print and we shall endeavor to see those goals we set out to achieve on your behalf, become a reality.

Remember also, it is not the Agent who is holding up the progress or the process, but it is about how fast the Publisher is able to get to your file as they assess hundreds per week. Publishers today are swamped these days with hundreds if not thousands of manuscript submissions for evaluation. Therefore you will find that joining yet another waiting list is part and parcel of this complicated and time consuming, and not least highly competitive process.

We will confirm receipt of your manuscript upon receiving same.

Warm regards,

Note: We shall be closed to new Submissions only from December 15th to January, 15th 2015. Our office services will remain available to all our clients during this period for any other assistance needs.

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert, CEO
Gilbert Literary Agency - Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions
New Zealand.

Email Your Submissions To:

Or to: hawkspurrproductions@gmail.com

With our compliments,

Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert, Owner/CEO
Gilbert Literary Agency (International)
Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions
New Zealand

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Please ensure you check your Spam Folder for our mails and replies if you have not yet 'white listed' our details. Provide us with an alternate contact email to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Memberships: Founded & Registered With New Zealand Books in Print Since 1990; Registered with The International Literary Market Place; Writers.net; WritersMarket.

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: No

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