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Melvin Pillay

Agency: Byble Ministries writers support
Mckinney, South Africa  

Home page: www.bybleministries.com

: Skype user name: Melvinpillay01

Unable to receive manuscripts any longer. But we can provide advice to new first time writers.

To Lead 100 million people to Jesus Christ and inspire and transform the lives of a
billion people.

Winning the lost and encouraging the winner. Reaching the lost by sharing the love and Good News of Jesus Christ through: Spreading the message of hope and love through the works of your writings, Mission Outreaches, Literacy Programs, Crusades, and Leadership, Vision & Motivational Seminars.

We assist Christian writers from all over the world by helping to find literary agents for their works or help with getting your book published in e-book, print /or other forms.

We do not charge a fee however a donation of any amount will greatly help our ministry and volunteers to continue with our work.

Submission Guidelines: Please email us or send a query melvin@bybleministries.com. You may also send the entire work for our review. You submission will be reviewed for its content, its appeal to other readers, and it marketability. And we will try to match it with an agent. We will be in contact with you via email.

Memberships: Living waters revival church New zealand, South Africa Business supporting Business NZ Melvin Pillay Inc New Zealand, South Africa, USA Ziglar Cert

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: No

Reading fee: No