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Scottie Upplebottom

Agency: The Corn Agency
Asheville, North Carolina, United States  

Home page: http://www.thecornagency.com

The Corn Agency is a one-stop book-agent boutique shop that achieves creative goals at a level of business, pride, loyalty, aggression and finesse that frankly leaves other literary agents literally—not figuratively—gasping for breath.

The Corn Agency offers some of the following services to writers who are accepted as clients:

• Representation.
• Boutique-level care, hyper-focus and attention.
• Promotion.
• Management.
• Strategic and tactical career facilitation.
• Orientation.
• Heavy editing.
• Copyright management.
• Access to powerful industry secrets and tricks.
• Re-packaging.
• Literary litigation services on retainer.
• Mediation.
• 17.5% effort for only 15% commission.
• Ghost writing.
• Crisis management.

Memberships: The Corn Agency doesn't just follow broadly accepted industry customs and standards, it challenges other literary agencies to regulate themselves, and

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: No

Reading fee: No