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Acute Angle Media

Agency: Acute Angle Media Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

Home page: http://www.acuteangle.ca

We are a team of script analysts who make recommendations for those financing or producing your film, show or treatment.

Funders, financiers and producers don't have the time to read each script that lands on their door. We do the heavy lifting for them, reading your work in detail, providing meticulous notes and providing a clear, concise summary for them about what your script entails.

We give them specifics, including characterization, plot and pacing critiques, and make an overall judgment about your script.

What is the process? Anytime a screenplay is submitted to a producer or studio, it is usually given to a script analyst/reader for coverage. That is our job. Our story analyst will read and analyze your script, write a summary and make recommendations.

Our script analyst "covers" your script by writing a synopsis and commenting on the story itself and the writer's skills. Basic coverage entails a detailed critique of the script. Particular attention is paid to the overall concept, the main characters, cinematic structure, dialogue, and storyline.

As is the custom, the coverage notes the script's strengths and weaknesses and what will be necessary to make it a "go" project. Basic coverage consists of 2 to 3 pages of in-depth specific comments. Script analysts are the first station along the road to a film studio's or a film financier's acceptance or rejection of a literary property. Financiers and producers count on the script analyst to judge whether the screenplay is professionally crafted and has an appealing story.

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: Yes

Reading fee: Yes