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Suzanne Porter

Agency: booksmany.com
unit 12, 199 Woodward Street
Cainrs, Queensland, Australia

ATTENTION WRITERSNET USERS: The listed email address for this agent is currently invalid. Please find another way of contacting this person. If you are this user, please update your profile, or contact info@writers.net with any questions.


This is our writer and Media release combined
I would be more than interested to be a gust speaker during the year at one of
your Festivals to talk on ebook self-publishing.
Best wishes,
Mrs Porter wrote
Thank you for your interest in booksmany.com - if you are a writer and you wish to
publish your work on our site - we have provided the following information for your
consideration. If you have more than one book - perhaps you might decide to publish
one first. Booksmany.com has been accepted to over 200 Search Engines, including
some of the most popular ones - so we believe we will have an opportunity to reach a
very large marketplace for potential readers world-wide. If you wish to have a small
Information Kit posted out, please email your address details.
Thank you for your interest and inquiry of booksmany.com
Mrs S E M Porter
© Quebec Pty Ltd
Here are two site reviews
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:13:38 -0500
I have passed along the booksmany.com info (url and blurb) to our web based content
department to add to bookwire. I have requested a high priority level on this.

Your site looks wonderful by the way - much success

Andrea Canfield
Project Manager, Bookwire (USA)

Dear Ms. Porter. You have done something that will bring joy to many authors, and I
hope a lot of people. I have 3 possible books - 1 major book SF/meaning of life,
finished and infinitely polished, re-read and edited as is the way with first books, 1 short
novella length non-fiction love story, filled with poetry which has particular attraction to
women and which I think would make a terrific Mother's Day present, and a smaller
book again which is a collection of the poems from both books. Common sense tells me
that the love story is a sensible starting place - its true, its modern, I am fiercely proud of
the poetry which all have told me is v.good, and I am told its quite lovely.
Thank you and well done, O B.
Media Release
Publicity & Promotion for this revolutionary & innovative way of book
Distribution & Author Self-Publishing on the www

Welcome to
~Your online virtual ebook-STORE~

For a writer, the most important thing is getting published - unlike paper & ink
books with booksmany.com the online virtual ebook-STORE, writers can not
only get published but have an instant global reach!

Retain all RIGHTS to their work. Are always free to publish with others. Have complete
control of editing and creating their work. Its every authors dream to have their book
published. Since time immemorial, people have wanted to self-publish their own books,
but this has been a very expensive exercise. Many with rejected manuscripts were
disappointed their work was not available to the buying public. Yet those determined
enough, self-published and became household names. Now authors have, an
opportunity to self-publish their work as an ebook on the www - with sales
commissions at 35 percent of retail price (plus GST*), rather than the 10 percent
royalties offered by conventional publishers of printed books.

As long as man has been a reader, he has bought books. Today's books are virtually
downloadable now, at a fraction of the cost of conventionally printed books. With no
costly set-ups, returns, damaged books, paper usage, trees felled or remainders,
self-publishing on the world wide web as a virtual ebook made up of a compilation of
bits and bytes is definitely the most environmentally friendly way to go through the new

About us
We are a 100 percent, wholly owned, independent Australian Company who, after
much frustration and difficulty trying to publish and distribute our own books by
traditional methods. Decided to set up our own virtual web site for ebooks, at the same
time, for a modest fee, offering other self-publishing authors an opportunity to display
their titles for those readers around the world, who wished to obtain copies by
downloading the book onto their own computer via the www. Booksmany.com is the
brainchild of Best-selling Author Mrs S E M Porter (Its Only Natural).

For intending writers
NB: Each writer actually publishes the ebook themselves onto a computer in desktop
publishing or on Word with the appropriate page-breaks etc and rather then have the
book actually printed out in paper and ink form – it is submitted on our site to the www
and will be either downloaded or emailed to the hard-drive of the customer who
purchase a copy of each book.
Those writers who wish to self-publish with booksmany.com have complete control
over their work and a list of Tips and Hints to what is required is offered with the
Agreement when it is sent out to each potential self-publisher. By deciding to
self-publish this way – each writer will have total control over their work, design etc.
Quebec shall not be responsible for editing or correcting the work and shall have no
editorial control over the work.
They will have their own ISBN and CIP from the National Library
If he/she is Australian they must have an ABN to prevent the holding of 48.5% tax on
That Quebec reserves the right to determine the price of the work for sale on the www.
That Quebec gives no guarantee or warranty as to sales of the work.
Initial set-up charges payable by AUTHOR-S/P:
$715.00 (option 1)
$605.00 (option 2)
Each of the above charges includes a potentially refundable sum of $385.00.
Option 1 – AUTHOR-S/P will submit to Quebec the completed, edited,
spell-checked and paginated work on diskette or if work contains pictures and graphics
then to be supplied on burnt CD on (MS word 6 or higher on desktop publisher
Option 2 – AUTHOR-S/P willsubmit to Quebec the completed work in Adobe
Acrobat Writer/PDF file containing all design, pictures/illustrations, spell-checked,
edited, book-marked and cover on burnt CD only ready for uploading,
For each of options 1 & 2 – AUTHOR-S/P to submit one designed, coloured front
cover on A4/A5 for scanning.
AUTHOR-S/P shall forfeit any right to a refund of the said sum of $385.00 if he/she
terminates this contract at any time within three (3) years of commencement date.
Quebec shall pay to AUTHOR-S/P a commission of thirty five per centum (35%) of
the sale price (plus GST, Australians only) received from each customer from sales of
the work after the first 1000 copies. Quebec shall be entitled to the whole of the sale of
the proceeds received from the sale of the first 1000 copies of the work.
The said sum of $385.00 shall be refunded by Quebec to AUTHOR-S/P in either of
the following events-
Immediately following the sale of 1000 copies of the work through Quebec’s
ebook-STORE. The work will be distributed by Quebec solely by electronic means
only via booksmany.com.

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